$1.4 million contract approved by Mesa County for Clifton Community Campus


CLIFTON, CO (KREX) – The Mesa County Board of Commissioners has approved a $1,465,000 contract with RDG Planning & Design, Inc. to construct the Clifton Community Campus which will be located at 3260 D 1/2 Road. The contract approval motion was moved by a 2-0 vote. Council members Cody Davis and Janet Rowland were in favor, while Commissioner Scott McInnis was not present when the vote was taken.

The contract is for engineering services and construction documents to complete the construction of an early childhood education center, early childhood training center and community hall, including all its related infrastructure and site planning.

A Request for Proposals (RFP2123-21-JD) was released in November 2021 – two proposals were received and evaluated by a panel of five stakeholders including Mesa County Administration, Facilities and Public Health.

When the plan was released publicly in August 2021, Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland said, “It’s high time they had the space for themselves. It will truly be a downtown feeling for the community.

RDG Planning & Design, Inc. was selected for the contract on RNN Architects. Both companies have offices based in Denver.

A statement released by Mesa County said: “RDG Planning & Design, Inc. was selected for its extensive knowledge and experience in the design, construction and licensing of early childhood education facilities. childhood.”

Additionally, a $300,000 Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) grant was awarded for design and engineering services at the Clifton Community Campus.


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