6 months of women’s clothing course in design, pattern writing and tailoring for only 10 participants, powered by COC Fashion School


Styling, pattern design, sewing. . . Experience the best of these in an intense curriculum guaranteed to take you from zero knowledge to expertise in producing women’s clothing.

Experiment with model writing methods that have been simplified for easier learning . Perfectly study garment production with international ready-to-wear standards and tailor-made options

Understanding the Fashion Industry with Daily Exposure to Fashion Business Activities and mewin everything in a woman’s wardrobe in 6 months !!!

Finish your study program with an excellent collection and an opportunity to be part of a fashion week, showcasing your collection on the catwalk.

To rejoin COC Fashion School for her highly anticipated womenswear class in November. It is available for only 10 fabulous participants!


  • Class size: Maximum of 10 students | Minimum of 5 students
  • Registration: Until November 10, 2017
  • Duration: 6 months minimum
  • Calendar: Monday, Wednesday, Friday | Time: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Price: 200,000 N (without tools) | 270,000 N (with tools – tools include sewing kit, tabletop sewing machine and mannequin)

Study programme

  • Introduction to Fashion Design
  • Design phases
  • Design elements
  • Design principles
  • Fabric study and combination
  • Color study and combination
  • Pattern flow techniques
  • Measurement techniques
  • Derivation of country body sizes
  • Develop a collection
  • Model drawing
  • Sewing techniques
  • Learn to use the sewing machine
  • Sewing machine maintenance
  • Clothing design and construction
  • The fashion company
  • Multiple collection projects
  • Parade, graduation and certification

The clothes to be taught include

  • All kinds of tops [Shift, Hood, Tank, Cowl, Halter, Shirts, Etc]
  • All kinds of stockings [Pencil Skirts, Circle Skirts, Mermaid Skirts, Shorts, Pants, Leggings, etc]
  • All kinds of dresses [Shift, Tube, Mermaid, A-line, Wrap, Maxi, etc]
  • Supplements [Jumpsuits, Iro & Bubas, Capes, Accessories and more]
  • Much more

For registration and more details Click here.

To view and buy the student collection Click here.

To contact the COC Fashion School:

Whatsapp / Call: 0817 982 7083 | E-mail: [email protected] | visit: # 3 Agungi Road next to Lekki Highway, Lagos | Seen: www.cocfashionschool.com

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