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The University of Tennessee has a beautiful campus located on 910 acres of land and bordered by the Tennessee River that stretches from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Paducah, Kentucky. But, the campus has much more to offer than a pretty river and a bunch of buildings.

UT has collectively added memorials, artistic sculptures and historical monuments over the years. Some are hidden from view, while others need to be searched for a bit. Check out the best places to find hidden sculptures you probably didn’t know about.

Tightrope walker on the College of Nursing building

If you look very closely at the top of the College of Nursing building, you may spot a tightrope walker on the roof. Who knew this had already existed? Walk to the side of the building that faces Payton Manning Pass and look into the small space between the buildings, and there you will find the tightrope walker. The question is, how did he even get up there in the first place?

Sidewalk sculpture by the McClung Museum

Near the McClung Natural History and Culture Museum, you can spot this unique sculpture on the sidewalk. There’s no information plaque describing who made the sculpture or the inspiration behind its design, but it’s cool to walk around.

Office and chair on the lawn of human and social sciences

On the back lawn of the Humanities and Social Sciences building, you might spot this sculpture of a desk and chair standing on its own. As for what’s on the desk, it’s a mystery. What do you think it’s for? Regardless of its mysterious origins and purpose, the humanities and social sciences will remain its focus forever.

Prehistoric duckbill replica at the McClung Museum

Unless you took a course at the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture, you probably didn’t know that there is a massive replica of a duck-billed dinosaur fossil. The replica is built with precision to the actual size of species that are 70 million years old. Anyone want a selfie with the dinosaur? Stop by to check it out!

Sculptures from the College of Architecture and Design

This whole college is filled with the works of art and sculpture on display, so there is far too much to show and discuss. There are bamboo tunnels, fabric canopies, and even sculptures like the one pictured. If you want to see large, elaborate sculptures, check behind the building for art and architecture. You can find some cool sculptures left by students from past years.

New sculptures of football players by the Neyland Stadium

Now this one is not hidden. In fact, it’s right next to the Neyland stadium. So if you haven’t been there this fall, you won’t notice this brand new set of soccer statues. The story behind these amazing statues is incredibly inspiring. Stop by to read the plaques on these brand new additions to the art and history of our school.


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