7 designer-approved DIY wedding decorations | Architectural Summary


“Ditch the logo on the dance floor and bring it to the pool,” says Fritz. Whether your reception area has a pool, you’re hosting a float-worthy welcome party, or your brunch is on the lido side, make a splash with an unexpected underwater graphic. Opt for a simple monogram, your wedding date, a hashtag, or if you have one, a custom logo from your invitations and other paper goods. Fritz recommends working with a company like Quick signs to create a custom vinyl decal of your monogram. Apply the decal to a sheet of acrylic that will rest on the bottom of the pool. “We recommend clear acrylic at least half an inch thick, as it’s heavy enough to rest on the bottom of a level pool and shouldn’t move too much with all the pool activity or floats. that pass,” explains Fritz.

To make a pool monogram you will need:

  • Two 3ft x 4.5ft (0.25 inch thick) clear acrylic sheets
  • Transparent waterproof tape
  • A custom sticker to cover the finished 6ft x 4ft acrylic sheet

Step 1: Using the waterproof tape, secure the two sheets of acrylic at the seam, creating a larger 6ft x 4ft sheet.

2nd step: Attach your decal to the acrylic sheet, starting at the top and rolling down. Use a paddle to smooth out air bubbles. If your decal is smaller than the acrylic sheet, measure for centered placement and mark with painter’s tape for easy removal.

Step 3: Using a few pairs of hands, take the finished piece to the pool and press it into place.

Herbal Cocktail Table Decor

To save on floral expenses, shop at the local grocery store for potted herbs. The more casual flora is perfect for cocktail tables: not only are the plants small, but if you choose rosemary or basil, you’ll have natural aromatherapy. Frischkorn recommends two ways to embellish the presentation. One option is to cover the plastic containers with brown paper bags for lunch. “Cut the top off, scrunch the whole bag, then fold the top down like you would pants,” she says of the rustic look for a DIY backyard wedding.

You can also place the containers in a decorative pot, such as two-tone concrete bowls, fluted planters, cylindrical potsWhere earthy clay vessels with saucers. For the finishing touch, cover the exposed soil with spanish moss.


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