8 Other Stephen King Collectibles I Love


I am, among other things, a collector. It started when I was a kid, buying baseball cards and playing various trading card games, and I’ve been involved in similar hobbies ever since, seeing it as a way to connect with various things. which particularly fascinate me. An endless fascination for me is Stephen King’s spectacular literary legacy, and fortunately for me and people like me, the world is full of fun collectibles beyond the author’s books and the long history of adaptations.

I’ve already shared how to build the Ultimate Stephen King Collection, and a few months ago I highlighted a number of fun official and custom items that I personally have – but those features don’t have everything. covered. There are even more King collectibles that I own and love, and I’ve written about eight more below.

Pennywise action figure by Hot Toys

(Image credit: Hot Toys)

Pennywise by Hot Toys

Let’s start with this big guy. Many of you will balk at the thought of spending over $250 on a collectible, but the price is consistent with all sixth scale action figures produced by Hot Toys, and it really is a spectacular piece. Based on the version of Pennywise portrayed by Bill Skarsgård in THIS and IT Chapter 2, the foot-tall collectible is stunningly crafted – not only seen in the dramatic facial detailing (note the texture on the forehead), but also in the recreation of the flippant and spooky costume. He has great accessories, including alternate hands and head, a red balloon and a jack-in-the-box, but the best extra is the base, which is made to look like the gutter where young Georgie Denbrough is. murdered.

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1998 Upper Deck card Tom Gordon

(Image credit: upper deck)

1998 Upper Deck Tom Gordon Baseball Card

Not every Stephen King collectible will cost you hundreds of dollars – and as proof, this is the one you can probably cover with some loose change you find in the laundry. King is a huge Red Sox fan in general, but the importance of this card is specifically its connection to the wonderful romance. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. The book tells the story of a girl who gets lost in the woods of Maine and finds her will to survive strengthened by thinking of her favorite baseball player, the eponymous Red Sox closer to Tom Gordon. This map is from the year the story takes place (1998), and while it’s possible that Trisha McFarland is more of a fan of Fleer than the Upper Deck, I think it’s a fun portrayal of the one of King’s most underrated stories.

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Misery Figurines by SweeneyBricks

(Image credit: SweeneyBricks)

Custom LEGO Misery Minifigs

LEGO has unfortunately never officially released a set based on a Stephen King book or King adaptation…but that’s just a bump in the road for collectors, as there are fans around the world creating their own custom minifigs. This includes a seller on Etsy selling a two-pack inspired by the book/movie Misery, the toys featuring beloved characters Annie Wilkes and Paul Sheldon. You can buy them as standard minifigs (which I did), but the seller also offers them in a gift box and as a keychain.

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The Creep figurine from Creepshow by NECA

(Image credit: NECA)

NECA Creep action figure

In my last article on Stephen King collectibles, I highlighted the series of horror show figures made by Monstarz, and if you liked them, the 7-inch Creep made by NECA is another toy you’ll probably enjoy. Besides being a great resemblance to the monster featured in Shudder’s ongoing show horror show series (which has featured two King adaptations to date), it has some brilliant accessories – including a scaled version of the horror show comic from the original movie and a scary lantern.

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Hot Topic I Heart Derry Hat

(Image credit: Hot Topic)

I Heart Derry Hat

Some Stephen King collectibles are rarer than others, but part of the fun of collecting is hunting for hard-to-find items at reasonable prices. This beaver-style I Heart Derry hat is a good example. The design is based on the cap worn by Adrian Mellon in the opening scene of THIS (described in King’s novel and depicted in IT Chapter 2), and it’s a fun prop replica that was originally sold by Hot Topic. They are no longer produced, but you can find them on eBay.

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Batman #400 Cover

(Image credit: DC Comics)

Batman #400

With the exception of the adaptation of horror show and the first five issues of the Vertigo series american vampire, Stephen King has not touched the world of comics too much during his career. There is one instance of his contributing to a DC Comics superhero book, however, and it is featured in Batman #400 – which was published in 1994. The actual events of the comic are written by Doug Moench, with over 20 artists illustrating the pages, but the issue includes a special introduction from King about his own personal history with the Caped Crusader.

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Heroes for Hope feat.  the X-Men

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Heroes For Hope: With the X-Men

Not playing favorites in the eternal war between comic book fans, Stephen King also contributed to an issue of a Marvel magazine – albeit in a different way than he did for DC. In 1985, Marvel released a one-shot titled Heroes For Hope: Starring the X-Men, and it was an event book with proceeds from sales going to help the American Friends Service Committee. Several talented writers and artists were recruited for the project, including George RR Martin, Harlan Ellison, Frank Miller and John Byrne, and Stephen King worked with Bernie Wrightson on pages 10-12 of the issue.

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Bam Box Key 1408

(Image credit: Bam Box)

1408 Dolphin Hotel Key

Stephen King previously called Mikael Håfström 1408 one of his favorite adaptations of his work, offering particular praise for John Cusack’s performance – and if that’s an opinion you share, then it’s a fun collectible you should check out. A few years ago, monthly subscription service Bam Box created a perfect replica of the 1408 key from the movie, and while they’re not as plentiful online as they once were, there are still plenty floating around. around you. still catch up.

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