9 designers share the paint colors they use to make a statement


Although minimalism still has strong supporters among designers, maximalism – with its bold patterns, soft textures and eye-catching designs – thrives in today’s interiors. A high-impact, can’t-miss shade can be the centerpiece of any bold room, but choosing the right paint colors for your space is often easier said than done. On the one hand, a maximalist hue should make a statement – ​​a visual exclamation mark if you will. But at the same time, selecting a color that too light can overshadow the rest of your decor, throwing the mood of your room out of whack.

And as if mastering that balance of eye-catching and cohesive wasn’t difficult enough, you’ll also need to pay attention to the lighting conditions in the room as well as your favorite shades. So the big question: where to start your search? PRO ANNOUNCEMENT spoke with nine designers about their favorite paint colors – from malachite green to sunny yellow, the tones below are both bold and beautiful.

FTT-012 by Mylands

“This color goes beyond trends and remains timeless. It is a jolt of nature, evoking rich forests, deep seas and precious stones. This interior, which is presented in our book, Make life beautiful: liberate your home with creative design (Thames and Hudson), includes Mylands FTT-012. Green is soothing and has a powerful connection to the outdoors, something that is so important to our well-being. As in nature, this color also works as a wonderful companion to our favorite pinks, sky blues, lilacs and earth tones. In this photo, the color is revealed as you turn the corner into the space and notice the wall of greenery in the garden beyond the double doors. A nice surprise in such a neutral space.” —Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, Studio 2LG

Sunshine on the Bay 347 from Benjamin Moore

An interior in Playa Grande in the Dominican Republic features black, white and yellow (a close approximation of which is Benjamin Moore’s Sunshine on the Bay 347).

Karyn Millet

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