A Minecraft fan creates an incredible image of a Mooshroom from the game


With over 60 different biomes and many types of monsters, Minecraft is full of unusual places and things to discover. This amount of variety is likely a big reason for the game’s continued success years after it was first made available in 2009. Although most of these Minecraft biomes are fun to explore, some are rarer than others, like mushroom fields. This strange biome is home to one of the most unusual monsters in the game, the Mooshroom.

Mooshrooms are a variant of the cows found in the game. However, unlike their bovine relatives, these strange creatures only spawn in the Mushroom Fields biome. Although Mooshrooms are similar in build to common cows, they are easily distinguishable due to the fungi that cover certain parts of their bodies. Plus, they come in 2 distinct color varieties: red and brown. An interesting detail about Mooshrooms is that they will change color if struck by lightning. Recently, a player decided to re-imagine in more detail what one of these strange creatures might look like.


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In a post on Reddit, a user known as neytirixx shared a photo he recently created based on Minecraft. According to the artist, they wanted to draw an image of a Mooshroom found in the game. However, what made this image stand out was the realistic look they chose to give the half-cow creature, half mushroom. Gone was its blocky design, and in its place was a jaw-dropping image of what it might look like in more detail.

In the photo, the Mooshroom was resting next to the base of a large tree in the middle of a lush forest. Similar to those found in Minecraft, he had large patches of red mushrooms growing on his back. Above his head, there was even a pair of mushrooms that emitted a faint light. An interesting dynamic of the image was that neytilixx chose to surround the hybrid cow with a herd of regular cows Minecraft cows, as well as several calves. However, unlike the game, this Mooshroom was considerably larger than the other cows in the picture.

This image reimagining what a Mooshroom might look like in more detail caught the attention of many members of the Minecraft community on Reddit. With over 32,000 upvotes in less than a day, many were blown away by the artist’s take on the passive crowd. “What a great idea and what an execution,” one person commented.

It’s exciting to see art lovers reinventing objects of Minecraft in other forms. In addition to this awesome Mooshroom, another player made a wooden replica of an Axolotl. Time will tell what other incredible creations will be designed in the coming weeks based on Minecraft.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and legacy platforms.

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