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There are many companies that offer health insurance and retirement plans, but did you know that there is a company in Memphis that allows parents to take their babies to work with them? One of the more unusual perks and perks offered by this year’s Memphis Top Workplaces winners is Meritan’s “Infant at Work” program, a non-profit social service organization.

Read on to learn more about this program and other rare benefits. The information comes from the application forms that companies have filled out to participate in the Memphis Top Workplaces program. This is not a complete list of perks offered by every company: in most cases we have selected only the most unusual benefit of the company offer.

Meritan Inc.

Memphis-based Meritan allows employees to bring their child to work with them until the child is 9 months old.

If the employee has a job that prohibits the child from coming to work safely, a child care allowance is paid for nine months, the company said. The company has been offering this advantage for several years.

HBG design

This architecture and interior design company pays 100% of professional dues, association membership fees, and licensing fees for professionals including architects, interior designers and legal staff. It also offers a bonus plan based on profit and extraordinary performance.

Panda Restaurant Group

The company runs a shared vacation program where employees can donate vacation hours into a pool to support coworkers who experience lost income due to health issues, natural disasters and other hardships.

Confluence strategies

The credit services company has an employee engagement committee that schedules weekly activities for employees to take a break and have fun with their coworkers.

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Total quality logistics

The freight brokerage firm is partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters to reimburse employees who volunteer as mentors for outings with their mentees.

He also offers a leadership development program and student loan debt counseling through LendKey, an online loan and debt consolidation advisor, to provide refinancing and repayment resources.

Laboratory technician DeNisha Washington works with samples at Transnetyx in Cordoba on January 22, 2019. Among the perks offered by the biotech company is a massage therapist who visits every two weeks.


Among the perks offered by the biotech company is a massage therapist who visits every two weeks.

Woodland Presbyterian School

The school offers an “Atta Teacher” award which is given monthly by their peers for recognition of a job well done or a random act of kindness.

Green mountain technology

This information technology company serves the logistics industry and has instituted a “Summer Hours” program allowing employees to complete the work week on Friday at 2:00 p.m. The company describes a “work hard, play hard” culture with events like a corporate picnic, an annual summit dinner and Christmas party.

LLC Logic Systems

All employees of this engineering company have up to one week of paid leave each year to volunteer for charitable causes.

Tennessee BlueCross BlueShield

Among other benefits, the health insurer offers a seasonal farmer’s market on site.

Mike Murphy watches Sam Hong working in the Intermodal Operations Department at Cornerstone Systems in Memphis.  The transport company is 100% owned by its employees.

Cornerstone Systems Inc.

The transport company is 100% owned by its employees. The company’s website says its founder created it in 1997 “to provide a better place to work.”

President and CEO Tim Clay said, “People now understand that their work has a direct impact on the equity value of our company. It had an impact on the work of our employees, and it also helped us in the recruitment process. Being a 100% employee-owned business is an added benefit that few other businesses can offer.

National Guard Products Inc.

The manufacturer of security products offers annual profit sharing bonuses worth up to 2.5 weeks’ salary.

Whitmor inc.

The manufacturer of hangers and other organizational products offers exempt employees a “time off” policy. “This allows our employees to take the time they need, when they need it, as long as their work is done without the fear of having to tap into a ‘bank’ of time,” the company said.

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