Arizona Community Foundation appoints Senior Vice President

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the Arizona Community Foundation is pleased to announce that Glenn Wike has been promoted to Chief of Staff and Senior Vice President of Community Investment effective April 1, 2022. He is the first person to fill this new leadership position aimed at developing organizational initiatives strengthening foundation relationships with donors and community partners, and promoting synergies within the foundation to achieve ACF’s strategic objectives.

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During his tenure, Glenn has collaborated with internal and external stakeholders in the development of many key ACF initiatives, including education and scholarship, the Ellis Center for Educational Excellence, the Kellenberger + Tollefson Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy, the Pakis Center for Business Philanthropy, supporting organizational oversight, public policy engagements, and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, he led the foundation’s community response distributing nearly $10 million in immediate relief grants to nonprofits across the state, followed by the deployment of more than $130 million in small business relief grants on behalf of local municipal partners.

In his new role, Wike will serve as an advisor to President and CEO Steve Seleznow and will lead the development and execution of special projects, manage and direct organizational priorities, and coordinate the implementation of the foundation’s strategic plan.

Wike will contribute to organizational planning and design efforts, ensuring that the organizational and staffing structure supports ACF’s continued growth and strategic objectives, and aligning the organization with regional, national and global trends. in philanthropy. Wike will continue to work closely with ACF’s many partners and collaborators to cultivate and strengthen relationships and ensure the foundation is engaged and represented in the communities we serve.

As Senior Vice President of Community Investment, Wike will retain leadership of ACF’s grantmaking operations, including managing statewide grantmaking programs on behalf of numerous community partners. and regional affiliates, and donor-recommended grant making.

He will continue to oversee ACF’s scholarship program – the state’s largest independent program – and education grantmaking strategies, with a focus on creating an education quality accessible to all Arizonans.

ACF’s engagement with corporate partners through the Pakis Center for Business Philanthropy will continue under Wike’s leadership, as well as the management of its 25 supporting organizations, which collectively represent more than a quarter of total assets. under the management of the foundation.

“I am excited about the future of ACF and the role Glenn will play as a champion of organizational excellence and cross-team collaboration to help build and sustain the next phase of growth and impact. of the foundation,” said Steve Seleznow, President and CEO of ACF. “Glenn’s experience in many aspects of ACF’s business over the past decade makes him the ideal candidate for this new role.”

Prior to ACF, Wike worked at the Phoenix Zoo. He currently serves on the boards of the Arizona Grantmakers Forum, Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, and Friends of Public Radio Arizona and has previously served on the boards of Achieve60AZ, Expect More Arizona, Arizona Forward, Support My Club and Valley of the Sun United. Way’s Prospering Together Leadership Council.

Wike holds a master’s degree in public administration and a bachelor’s degree in public service and public policy, both from Arizona State University.

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