Burnaby’s next big restaurant is coming to Brentwood


This Burnaby restaurant, bar and lounge will test chef recipes to keep the menu fresh.

There are two ways to view a restaurant and how often I return to it.

First, I want to make sure it has all my usual favorites when I feel like it. I still remember being very annoyed last year when Cactus Club got rid of one of their bowls that included falafel because I fell in love with it (they have since replaced it with someone close to what was offered and that’s good).

Second, I like a restaurant that mixes up its menu by adding daily specials or introducing new dishes regularly to keep things fresh.

Unfortunately, not many restaurants do this and I understand – developing and testing new dishes can be expensive and during the pandemic many restaurants have wisely chosen to scale back their menus to deal with staffing issues, in addition to focusing on take away food.

Now that many restrictions have been lifted and more people seem to be eating out, some restaurants have again expanded their menus.

And then there’s a new restaurant opening this spring that promises to be the next big restaurant in town.

It’s called R+D Kitchen and what excites me is how quickly its menu will constantly change while keeping favorites.

Opening at the Amazing Brentwood Mall in Burnaby this spring, R+D kitchen by White Spot is an all-new concept, with customers being the first to enjoy “new and innovative” menu items straight from the White Spot Culinary Center in a space connected to the Tables food court.

It will be the only full-service restaurant in the tables, and will include a bar and lounge with 134 seats and 3,800 square feet of space. R+D will also include the kitchen window, to serve customers who stop in for a quick and casual take-out bite. R+D Kitchen will join Tap & Barrel, Cineplex’s Game Room and VIP Theater and Earls to offer bar/lounge spaces.

At R+D Kitchen, customers can delve into their favorite White Spot classics as well as a rotating list of exciting new dishes created by James Kennedy CCC, Executive Chef and the culinary team for possible inclusion in a White Spot base or promotional menu. Never limited by what has already been done, the carefully selected “test” dishes will explore contemporary elements, components and flavors, and will always include vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, a press release said. Before being incorporated into the R+D menu, all new dishes will be fully reviewed by White Spot’s in-house tasting panels.
“At R+D Kitchen, we will explore even more flavors, create unique recipes, and incorporate fresh, local ingredients into a highly engaging menu,” Kennedy said. “I’m super excited about this new adventure.”

Conceived by Joy Roque, design and build manager for White Spot, R+D Kitchen brings BC backyard influences inside with warm design elements of wood, stone and millwork, as well as through its large windows.
The beverage menu will include a selection of local craft beers, local ciders and BC wines carefully selected by the creative and inventive bar team, as well as a selection of seasonally inspired craft cocktails and libations. zero-proof made with fresh ingredients. Rotating faucets and Happy Hour offers will also be on offer.

So it looks like a restaurant that will be full of surprises, as they say. My stomach is ready.

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