Calumet Electronics Supports Aerospace Growth in Michigan


Calumet Electronics Supports Aerospace Growth in Michigan

Upper Michigan-based Calumet Electronics is developing next-generation technology to advance commercial aerospace, satellite, space and DoD systems. The company has established itself as one of the largest national printed circuit board suppliers with the introduction of America’s smallest, lightest, and fastest PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). These revolutionary technologies have the capacity to fuel the future of aerospace for the nation.

“Michigan is responding to demand from the aerospace industry,” notes Tony Vernaci, president of the Aerospace Industry Association of Michigan (AIAM). “Demand is increasing across all aerospace industries and Michigan is already a leader in design, technology and manufacturing. Calumet is another great example of our more than 900 aerospace suppliers who are committed to innovating breakthrough technologies and increasing manufacturing capabilities. “

Calumet understands the challenges and opportunities unique to aerospace. Dr Meredith LaBeau, Chief Technology Officer at Calumet Electronics, explains: “Satellite and space technologies are changing very rapidly, so the industry needs suppliers and manufacturers who can keep up with rapid innovations. We are flexible and have a brilliant team of engineers willing to take risks so that we can continue to anticipate the needs of the industry. Calumet Electronics also meets industry safety requirements. “We are 100% American owned, with no outsourcing, outsourcing or brokerage. And our remote location is a plus for security-conscious customers. “

For more than a century, Michigan has been the leader in manufacturing in the United States. With extensive experience building advanced systems for commercial and defense applications, a strong STEM talent pool, and significant research and development investments, the state is preparing for its future in aerospace. Michigan aerospace is already supported by more than 30,000 direct jobs and more than 900 companies. It is the state with the fastest growing percentage growth in AS9100 certifications and has the highest concentration of engineers of any state in the country.

“We’re very happy to see Michigan pulling into aerospace,” said LaBeau. “Calumet and many other Michigan companies are ready to step in and support this growing industry. American aerospace needs Michigan right now.


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