Care Pregnancy Center of Lenawee paves the way for campus expansion


ADRIAN – Excavators hit the ground Monday afternoon, ushering in the first stages of the Lenawee Care Pregnancy Center campus expansion project.

Since 1984, the Lenawee CPC has provided Christian care “to uplift God’s plan for life, sexuality and family in our community,” said an email from Roxanne Meeks, executive director of the Lenawee CPC.

Monday’s ceremony was attended by board members, staff, volunteers and donors. U.S. Representative Tim Walberg, R-Tipton, and State Representative Bronna Kahle, R-Adrian, were also in attendance.

“Today we are paving the way for parenthood,” said Margaret Duffy, Chairman of the CPC Lenawee Board of Directors. “We are creating a physical path between the current home of the Care Pregnancy Center in Lenawee and the new Family Resource Center.”

The Lenawee CPC is located at 308 N. Broad St. It will expand its ministry to a purple Victorian house, adjacent to the property at 217 E. Front St. Rains & Rains Law Firm and Babut Law Firms are now in the house. The building was put up for sale and it didn’t take long for Meeks and the Lenawee CPC Board of Directors to acquire the building.

What will eventually become the Lenawee Care Pregnancy Center campus in Adrian is pictured.  The building on the left is the current Lenawee CPC building at 308 N. Broad St. To the right is a Victorian house at 217 E. Front St. which will become the CPC of the Lenawee Pregnancy and Family Resource Center.

“In a lot of ways, we don’t have a lot of room here,” Duffy said of the current location of the CPC. A “Give, Build, Grow, Serve” campaign was launched by the ministry as it sought ways to expand the location of its services.

Originally, plans were in place to extend the rear of the CPC building towards East Front Street. This plan was put on hold for at least a year and a half due to turnover in management and board members.

The delay in progress has not dampened the morale of CPC staff and volunteers. For them, the delay was a sign from God that another plane was waiting for them somewhere down the road.

“The advice has come and the advice is gone. The directors have come and the directors are gone, ”said Duffy. “And yet God is true to His vision for this ministry here at CPC Lenawee. “

Margaret Duffy, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Care Pregnancy Center in Lenawee, shares a few words about the campus expansion plan during a groundbreaking ceremony Monday afternoon at Adrian.  A Victorian house at 217 E. Front St. will become the CPC of Lenawee's Pregnancy and Family Resource Center.

Duffy was in charge of Monday’s groundbreaking ceremony, replacing Meeks who was absent due to testing positive for COVID-19. Meeks and his vision for the Care Pregnancy Center in Lenawee have been praised by many.

Jamie Beach, a 10-year volunteer with CPC from Lenawee, shared a story about meeting Meeks and finding possible homes in the area that could potentially serve as an expanded location for the CPC. Continuously, he said, Meeks referred to the Purple Victorian House as the ideal expansion location for the ministry. The other homes the two looked at and visited together never seemed to be the right setup.

Then the “for sale” sign appeared outside the house on East Front Street.

“It was a whole different feeling when we walked through and visited this house for the first time,” he said. “The layout and configuration of the house seemed to really match. Roxanne really told me it would work.

Tammy Holly, former board member and former CPC executive director, said she had dreams and visions of the ministry moving to the Victorian house – even before the Lenawee CPC was housed on North Broad Street. He had an address on Main Street.

“To see this all come to fruition now is a great thing to see what God has really done,” said Holly. “… This is just one more example of the exciting things we see God doing in this ministry. We know he’s so loyal.

Krieghoff-Lenawee Co., CLS Design and Interiors by Laura will work with the Lenawee CPC during its three-phase expansion. The first phase began the day after Monday’s first groundbreaking.

Construction work on the north end of the house will become the ministry’s baby shop. There will also be ample space to host board meetings and parenting classes.

Further construction work on the house is planned.

A banner hangs from a fence along the property at 217 E. Front St. in Adrian, designating the purple Victorian house as the future site of the Care Pregnancy Center at Lenawee's Pregnancy and Family Resource Center.

The second phase of the project is to update the current CPC of the Lenawee building, which will mainly be used as an administration building. The corner of North Broad Street and East Front Street will become an entrance to the Lenawee Campus CPC. This will be the third and final phase of the project, which Duffy said she calls “the campus corner.”

Services, lessons and demonstrations for parents will take place mainly in the new Family Resource Center. Such group instruction will include sexual health and relationship education, parenting classes, labor and childbirth classes, postpartum wellness and self-care, paternity programs, life skills and Bible studies. Demonstrations will focus on car seat safety, safe sleep, first aid and CPR.

“This is the start of the journey,” said Duffy. “We are really delighted to have been able to put the shovel in the ground and to be able to launch this first phase of the project. And I think it’s going to create a lot of enthusiasm and support for the ministry, not only financially, but also in terms of the people involved in the volunteer hours.

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