Charlie Woods has gear most pros don’t have


Charlie Woods already owns a custom set of TaylorMade P7CW irons.

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The one and only

Armed with a string of blows in his arsenal, impressive speed and professional level boastIt’s easy to forget that Charlie Woods is only 12, which technically doesn’t even make him old enough to see a PG-13 movie. Woods may have to wait another year to see Spider-Man: No Path Home, but the barrier to entry to wielding custom TaylorMade gear isn’t as difficult or quick.

In fact, Charlie already has a set of custom TaylorMade P7CW irons that are totally unique. It’s just another reminder that being the son of a living legend has its perks.

While Charlie’s blades have the look of the pop’s P7TW, slight changes have been made to the overall look.

As you can see in the photo below, the designers at TaylorMade – it is very possible that Tiger also played a part in the creation process – removed the mass from the heel and toe sections, giving the head an aspect similar to the classic of the company. RAC TP MB Forged.

Charlie is the only one to use these P7CW irons.

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The RAC design allowed more weight to be positioned along the perimeter to further stabilize a more traditional blade profile. In Charlie’s case, this actually serves a dual purpose, adding weight to the perimeter – mass is always visible behind the strike zone – while reducing the overall weight of the head to land on a target swing weight for the 12-year-old phenomenon.

As Jack Nicklaus pointed out at the Masters 2020, Tiger follows the same plan Earl used when he taught the major winner 15 times how to wield a club. Instead of starting with a more forgiving iron, Tiger had Charlie in the blades from the start.

“Charlie starts playing golf and he’s getting a really good swing,” Nicklaus said. “[Tiger] said I have blades in my hands so he’s learning to golf instead of learning with all those forgiving golf clubs.

“I think he is very wise.”

Of course, Tiger is doing it the right way, reducing the overall weight to allow Charlie to fine tune his swing with a lighter build. In his case, however, they happen to be custom blades emblazoned with his initials.

Not so stealthy

The red face of TaylorMade’s Stealth Pilot is impossible to miss.

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Tiger’s return to the PNC Championship led TaylorMade to embark on the tour of its Stealth drivers and fairway woods earlier. Tiger and Charlie were both spotted with a Stealth club in Orlando. Tiger opted to use a 9 degree Stealth Plus driver, while Charlie opted for a Stealth fairway wood.

a red “Twisted face in 60X carbon” seems to be the centerpiece of the Stealth driver, but don’t expect the technology to spread to fairway wood. From the fairway photos that surfaced at the event, the red face is noticeably absent – a sure sign that TaylorMade is opting for a more conventional face construction.

Like father, like son

A closer look at Charlie Woods’ Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter has “Tiger Woods” stamped on the bumpers.

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Tiger Woods was not the only PNC Championship golfer to use a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter with his name stamped on his head. As reported last week, Charlie is the proud owner of a backup version of Tiger’s Newport 2 GSS putter.

The putter appears to be an exact replica – right down to the drawstring grip, the cherry bombs and “Tiger Woods” stamped on the rear bumpers. The wand is decidedly shorter than Woods’ player, but that’s where the differences end.

Saving versions of Woods’ putter have sold for a lot of money in recent years, but Charlie’s version is on a whole different level. Ryan Carey, the founder of Golden Age Golf Auctions, tweeted that Tiger and Charlie’s Newport 2s are “two of the most important putters out there – whose combined value is perhaps more the golf course they play on.”

In other words, Charlie was rolling the rock with a very special putter.

Quick hitters: John Daly had 13 Tour Edge clubs in play in the PNC Championship, including an Exotics C721 driver. … John Daly II’s bag was a bit more diverse with a mix of Ping, TaylorMade and Titleist (Scotty Cameron Futura T5W) equipment.

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