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• What is your role?

I came here ten years ago. I was trained by Tim from scratch, so it was like a real apprenticeship; learn from a master and all the other guys like silversmiths, stone setters and smelters. My role includes client advice, computer aided design, stone sourcing and production monitoring.

• Apparently the Christmas period is popular for proposals. What advice can you offer to anyone considering asking the question this holiday season?

Chris Fisher

We sometimes get people up to two weeks before Christmas for rings, but ideally you should come eight to ten weeks before, which gives you time to think about the patterns and stones. Sometimes couples come and we encourage that. But for those who want to make this big gesture, they should really try to know the tastes of their future fiancé. First think about how much you have to spend. Then whether you want a single stone or a group, what shape of stone you want and what sort of hand will the ring wear – if you are buying for a delicate hand, you probably want something thin and delicate. Know what your partner likes and pay attention to their clues! If you’re not sure, ask this Christmas, then make an appointment to come together in the New Year. We have had clients who buy a stone – beautifully displayed – that they offer with it and then come back to us for a design consultation so they can design the ring together.

• What are the trends in engagement rings?

It used to be pretty traditional – solitaire diamond rings – but there’s more individualism nowadays. Diamond remains the most popular stone, followed by blue sapphire. Sometimes trends can filter out celebrities or royalty. We made a replica of Megan’s ring and put it on display and it sold out really quickly. Metals change based on market value. Five years ago, palladium was a very popular low cost alternative, but the automotive market started to use it in catalytic converters and supplies of palladium were sucked up and the price increased by almost 200%! Six years ago rose gold was very popular. Now it’s platinum, but yellow gold is coming back. We also sometimes receive rings that have been passed down and that people want to redesign.

• Do you give a lot of advice?

Yes. With engagement rings, some people find something online and want to copy it. Others may have a crazy idea. But some don’t have the slightest idea, so it’s up to us to ask ourselves the right questions to find out what will interest them. But advice is always free and given with pleasure. We are tailor-made and avant-garde in terms of design, but our customer service remains traditional. Timothy Roe has provided engagement and wedding rings and anniversary gifts to many families over the past three decades.

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