City of Hoboken Provides Municipal Complex Survey Results


The City of Hoboken today released the results of the Hoboken Municipal Complex Design Alternatives Questionnaire, in which more than 1,000 community members provided feedback on four community-focused design alternatives with community spaces and various amenities. The survey results indicate that the vast majority of respondents, 92%, preferred one of the four models presented by the City and only 8% preferred none of the alternatives presented.

The most inclusive alternative, Design #4, which includes a civic center, swimming pool, recreation center and pavilion, was the most preferred design for the Hoboken Civic Complex, with 41% of respondents choosing the most inclusive alternative. ‘alternative. Twenty-eight percent of respondents preferred Design #3, which includes the same facilities except for a pavilion, and 15% of respondents preferred Design #2, which includes a civic center and swimming pool. Nine percent of respondents selected the base option, Design #1 Civic Center.

Eighty-four percent of respondents indicated a preference for a design alternative with recreational facilities, and 52 percent of respondents selected a “community pool” as the most important community use to them.

“The results of the survey speak for themselves”, said Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. “The community of Hoboken recognizes how transformative the Hoboken Municipal Complex can be if it provides much needed recreational facilities, a long-awaited community pool and most importantly, a new home for our public safety department and works garage. As our population continues to grow, we must invest in our future to support them and I look forward to continuing to work with the community on this vision for the Hoboken Civic Complex.”

It is proposed that the Hoboken Municipal Complex will include several community amenities such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, recreation center, public parking lot and a branch of the Hoboken Public Library, as well as public safety facilities and offices municipal.

“The Hoboken Public Library is pleased to be included in the municipal building plan,” said Hoboken Public Library Board Chairman Jerome Abernathy. “A downtown branch allows us to better serve customers in the northern part of town and gives us much-needed additional space to deliver programs and other services to our community.”

“Recreational facilities in the city are nearly exhausted, with most basketball, baseball, soccer and lacrosse teams only able to practice once a week due to high demand,” said Director of Health and Social Services and Recreation Leo Pellegrini. This new facility will help meet growing needs and allow us to offer recreational activities to even more age groups, including our seniors. »

The Hoboken Municipal Complex would also address current and outdated city facility constraints and the functional needs of future operations by incorporating the new police and fire headquarters and public works garage into a centralized facility that would include an office from the emergency management command center and municipal offices. .

“Mayor Bhalla’s administration is committed to bringing to the city a 21st century civic complex that includes state-of-the-art public safety features to significantly improve the safety of all our residents, visitors and businesses, as well as to provide the ‘the safest environment for our women and men of public safety to do their jobs well’, said Director of Public Safety Ken Ferrante. “Together, we must come together to give Police Chief Steven Aguiar, Fire Chief Anton Peskens and OEM Coordinator Sergeant William Montanez all the tools they need to run their departments the best they can, instead of their ask, and the brave men and women who protect this city, to do more with less.”

“The city worked hand-in-hand with residents through three town hall meetings and two online surveys to gather feedback on the proposed Hoboken Civic Complex,” Council Chairman Michael Russo said. “I think it is imperative that we continue to have an open and transparent process to include our neighbors in finalizing the decisions associated with this plan. I hope that collectively the entire council and administration will find a way to move this project forward in the near future.”

The City will host a virtual community meeting on Thursday, May 12 at 6 p.m. to review the survey results and present final designs based on community feedback.

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The Bhalla administration is actively engaging in negotiations with the owner of 1501 Adams St. as part of his planned condemnation of the property.

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A new public works facility became necessary following the acquisition of the former Monarch site and 800 Monroe Street, both for public open space purposes. For more information, go to


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