CNY Scenery of Suria KLCC Compared to Tomb Sweeping Festival by Netizens


Suria KLCC’s Chinese New Year Pagoda decoration placed outside its mall has sparked online chatter, with several netizens commenting that it is “Qingming-like”. The Qingming Festival, also known as the Tomb Sweeping Festival, is a Chinese festival observed in Southeast Asia.

In a series of comments on the Facebook page, Malaysia Shopping Mall, some said the pagoda reminded them of a temple while others joked that the decoration could be recycled and burned during the Qingming Festival. Meanwhile, some also asked if Suria KLCC has a limited budget and wondered how a big mall could even come up with such decorations. A handful also asked Suria KLCC management to consider other cultures and ask for clarification if they are unclear, adding that the design does not bode well, calling it “lazy” and “uneducated.” ” in place.

Suria KLCC spokesperson declined to comment when approached by A+M. According to Suria KLCC in a press release, the pagoda is the tallest replica in Malaysia, standing 70 feet tall and was brought back after its introduction in 2020. The structure will be available until February 13.

Meanwhile, the mall welcomed the Chinese New Year by transforming its premises into a royal palace. Inspired by beautiful garden landscapes, the central courtyard has been transformed into an ancient Chinese palace. This grand imperial feel extends to level 1 of the Ramlee Mall and the main entrances.

According to Suria KLCC, the Center Court Palace falls within a period of Chinese history known for progress, innovation and widely celebrated as the golden age of cultural progress.

The ancient Chinese palace has been recreated with great attention to the finer details, including the placement of stone-carved imperial guardian lions, garden pavilions in traditional Chinese architecture, the lotus pond, beautiful hanging red lanterns, the iconic pink cherry blossoms, as well as the intricate landscaping to provide a backdrop for photos and video.

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All of the mall’s Instagrammable corners are also complemented by a photo booth with a photo print for shoppers. At the same time, there will also be interactive exhibits that will trigger light shows, displaying visual flowers inside the palace on the central courtyard to herald the arrival of spring.

Additionally, its Suria KLCC Shoppers Rewards Program will distribute RM100 Suria KLCC vouchers and a set of Suria KLCC red packets to consumers who spend at least RM1,500. It will also continue to financially support the Mental Health Awareness program with funds generated from ribbon pin sales that began in 2021.

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