David Harbor Reveals The Iconic Movie Weapon He Used In The Stranger Things 4 Finale


Spilling the beans by means of an Instagram post, David Harbor revealed that the last time Hopper’s brutal blade saw action was at the hands of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he played Conan the Barbarian in the two iconic films. “Conan the Barbarian” and “Conan the Destroyer”, released in 1982 and 1984. After a fan spotted similarities in the design of the crossguard (the part separating the blade from the handle) between Hopper’s sword and the Arnie’s Atlantean weapon, the ‘Stranger Things’ star announced it was not a replica. , but the real blade seen slicing through limbs on Schwarzenegger releases in the 80s.

“The sword that the amazing ‘Stranger Things’ prop department (reveal you guys so I can credit you) gave me is the actual sword used in the filming of both ‘Conan’ movies” , Harbor announced. Now, while it may have seemed easy to take on the interdimensional beast, it turned out to be a shaky mix of acting mixed with novice swordsmanship, and there was only one. only comment Harbor wanted to hear. “It was heavy as hell, and such a great honor to wield,” Harbor said. “@schwarzenegger – willing to accept your notes on my technique.”

The former Cimmerian has yet to respond at the time of writing, but we can only hope he gets his stamp of approval and not, say, a battle to the death. Hopper’s been through enough, people.


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