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Monday, August 22, 2022 (2 hours 45 minutes ago)

So I to like interior design. I could watch HGTV 12 hours a day. I love design blogs and Apartment Therapy and my Insta feed is an endless reel of before and after reveals. With that in mind, I’ve been Pinterest (it’s a verb, I don’t care what the spell checker thinks) like crazy. I use Layout and combine images that I like until I arrive at thumbnails that I find aesthetically pleasing. I found this amazing House of Spain figure on Etsy from GVEGA. #addtocartI found this beautiful Cape Cod style onion lantern from Sandwich Lantern – my mom has had them and they’ve been working great for 20 years! I didn’t initially think I wanted shutters, because of the double mullioned window. If that doesn’t make sense, maybe it’s because you’ve seen so many poorly made shutters. See this post from Old House Guy for more explanation. However, as we pruned the shoots overhanging the chimney, removed the fence, and trimmed other shrubs along the front, the house looks a little plain. Stay tuned. I will definitely be setting up planters (of the self-watering variety) and hopefully filling them with low maintenance foliage in the spring/summer/early fall. the house is in very good condition, so there is nothing to do urgently. However, over time, I think adding a visually interesting paved driveway will add a lot of curb appeal to the home! In terms of planting and landscaping, I want it to be kept fairly simple and low maintenance. I want it to look good, but I don’t want to spend all my weekends weeding, trimming, mulching, trimming and mowing.


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