Diwali Rangoli Design Pattern Dot Pattern Peacock Free Free Hand


Rangoli is an art native to the Indian continent, materials like colored rice, colored sand, quartz powder or flower petals are used to make it and various patterns are made on the ground or on the ground. Rangoli is usually made during special festivals like Diwali or Tihar, Onam, Pongal, etc. The purpose of Rangoli is to experience generosity and strength. Rangoli reflects traditions, folklore and practices in a different way. And as we all know, there are only a few days left in Diwali and these days only the spirit resonates with how to decorate Diwali decoration. So today through this article we will explain to you how you can decorate your home on Diwali by making Rangoli.

Rangoli design and patterns

Rangoli is made with colored rice powder on the ground. It is often used by Hindus on Diwali. The creative way to achieve the conversion of rangoli in math, reflection and sculpture. So, let’s see some amazing designs for Diwali.

  • Dotted rangoli
  • Hand free rangoli
  • Rangoli with flower petals
  • Alpana Rangoli
  • Wooden rangoli
  • Floating rangoli
  • Glass Rangoli

Rangoli color

As we all know, Rangoli color nowadays contains very harmful chemicals and toxins. If you want to avoid these toxins, you can make rangoli from things around the house like rice, soil, turmeric, lentils, salt, etc. You can make rangoli in your home using all of these natural things.

Diwali Rangoli Design Pattern Dot Pattern Peacock Free Free Hand

Diwali Rangoli Design Pattern Dot Pattern Peacock Free Free Hand

Diwali Rangoli Design Pattern Dot Pattern Peacock Free Free Hand

How to make Rangoli color at home

  • Yellow color [Turmeric Powder+Rice Flour]
  • Vermilion color [Pomegrante peel+ Carrot Peel+ Dried Rose+ Hibiscus Petals]
  • Orange color [Orange Peel+ Marigold Petals]
  • Green color [Spinach+ Coriander leaves+ Green Hurbs]
  • Brown color [ Bunch of Cinnamon sticks]
  • Purple color [ Dried Lavender flowers]
  • White color [Rice]
  • Magenta color [Dried Beetroot Flakes]
  • Black color [Whitestone Powder+ Non-toxic black ink]

Some steps to make Rangoli

To make a beautiful rangoli, we all need to take care of a lot of things. In this article, now we are going to tell you about some of these steps, with the help of which you can easily create a great rangoli design.

  • In the first step, choose a simple Rangoli design
  • In the second step, draw grids using small dots evenly spaced
  • In the third step, create your design using chalk
  • In the fourth step add color to your Rangoli design and fill the pattern and shape with color
  • In the fifth step, you can also decorate it with flower petals and also use whatever color you want to use.
  • In the sixth step, if you want to fill in the color well, use a tea cone or filter.


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