Eny Lee Parker’s Rental Kitchen DIY Is Not Landlord Approved


Although her work has gone viral on social media and appeared in the spaces of trendsetters like Sarah Sherman Samuel and Christian Siriano, New York designer Eny Lee Parker doesn’t necessarily care about being the best.

“I found something that I was interested in and that I could be good at. My goal is not to be the best designer. It’s not to be known for my work. I have other objectives,” she confides to Domino’s deputy editor, Julie Vadnal, in the latest episode of Design Time: The Rebels (out today on Spotify and Apple Podcasts).

For Parker, those alternative benchmarks include cultivating a fun work environment for his team and giving back to his community. Create work that resonates with people around the world? It’s a bonus.

In the episode, the designer reveals how the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s medieval archives inspire new work, her two dream clients, and how she makes her latest collections more accessible. Plus, she answers our burning questions from Never Have I Ever. Here is an overview.

Never have I ever… organized my books by color.

I absolutely have. Not just by color, but I’ll hide the thorns. I do not do it anymore. But there was a time in life when I just wanted to see the pages because everything matched. That meant I wasn’t reading, of course.

Never have I ever… purchased a counterfeit or replica.

In furniture and lighting, I have not. I can’t say the same for the shoes, unfortunately.

Never have I ever… decorated a pillow with a phrase on it.

Never done that. I don’t have any photos anywhere either. I don’t frame anything – I think that’s nice, though. When I go to people’s homes, I want to look at their photos. I just don’t have that at home. I feel like that part of life that I can keep in a little scrapbook. It’s personal, but I don’t need to have it on my walls or on my table. I have more artwork and objects that I think mean something.

Never have I ever… lied to my landlord about a rental renovation.

Is it lying if I didn’t tell him? My kitchen at the moment, I have completely redone it, but I was smart. I just replaced the cabinet fronts, but I still have all the old ones in a storage unit so I can put them back. I mean, I wouldn’t, because they’re horrible. The ones I put are actually real wood, while the others are fake. But I kept them just in case.

Never have I ever… lit a dessert-scented candle.

I have never. I am very sensitive to smells. I don’t like vanilla things. I don’t like dessert or sugar smells. For me, candles should only be herbs and natural scents like wood, but no dessert.


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