Functional acoustic walls selected for the office layout of the Australian IT company in North Sydney


Acoustic office partitions from Bildspec have been installed in the new Data#3 office in North Sydney to provide more flexibility in the use of their conference room and breakout spaces. An award-winning Australian IT services and solutions provider, Data#3 helps clients harness the power of people and technology for a better future. Based in Brisbane, the company has over 1,200 employees and facilities across 12 locations in Australia and Fiji.

True Projects, the builders, chose Bildspec Konnect double glazed mobile partitions for the layout of the office of Data#3 in order to separate the adjacent conference rooms from each other as well as a parallel kitchen and a rest area. These functional acoustic walls serve as office partitions while allowing a seamless connection of the three spaces with sound reduction properties.

These remote stackable functional glass acoustic walls give Data#3 greater flexibility in being able to scale their conference rooms up or down at will, or incorporate them into a larger meeting room or a versatile meeting space if required.

Functional walls from Bildspec allow limited transfer of sound between spaces and recently achieved an acoustic rating of 48Rw when tested for acoustic performance at CSIRO’s acoustic testing facilities in Clayton, Victoria.


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