Governor Newsom Issues Legislative Update 8.29.22



SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom announced today that he has signed the following bills into law:

  • AB 452 by Assemblywoman Laura Friedman (D-Glendale) – Student Safety: Parental Notification: Gun Safety Laws.
  • AB 1576 by Judicial Committee – Superior Court: lactation rooms.
  • AB 1598 by Assemblymember Laurie Davies (R-Laguna Niguel) – Controlled Substances: Paraphernalia: Controlled Substances Test.
  • AB 1644 by Assemblyman Heath Flora (R-Ripon) – Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: California Jobs Plan Act of 2021.
  • AB 1682 by Assembly Member Tasha Boerner Horvath (D-Encinitas) – Ships: Public Safety Activities.
  • AB 1758 by Assembly Member Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (D-Winters) – Behavioral Science Council: Marriage and Family Therapists: Clinical Social Workers: Professional Clinical Counselors: Supervision of Licensure Applicants by video conference.
  • AB 1762 by Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Porterville) – State Capitol: Gold Star Families monument.
  • AB 2174 by Assemblyman Phillip Chen (R-Yorba Linda) – Vehicles: Removal from private property.
  • AB 2217 by Assembly Member Eloise Gómez Reyes (D-Colton) – CalHome Program: Grant Award.
  • AB 2287 by Assemblyman Mark Stone (D-Scotts Valley) – California Ocean Resources Stewardship Act of 2000.
  • AB 2415 by Assemblyman Tom Lackey (R-Palmdale) – Vehicles: Basic Terminal Inspection Program: Farm Vehicles.
  • AB 2463 by Assemblyman Alex Lee (D-San Jose) – Public Works: exemption.
  • AB 2607 by Assemblyman Philip Ting (D-San Francisco) – Tidelands and Submerged Lands: City and County of San Francisco: Port of San Francisco.
  • AB 2625 by Assemblyman Philip Ting (D-San Francisco) – Subdivision Map Act: exemption: electrical energy storage system.
  • AB 2737 by Assembly Member Wendy Carrillo (D-Los Angeles) – Air Pollution: Purchase of New Drayage and Short Haul Trucks: Incentive Programs: Tenants: Labor Standards.
  • AB 2789 by Assemblyman Kevin Mullin (D-South San Francisco) – Design-Build Projects: Local Agencies.
  • AB 2961 by the Judicial Commission – Civil Procedure: Electronic Filing and Service.
  • SB 103 by Sen. Bill Dodd (D-Napa) – Uniform Loyalty Presidential Voters Act.
  • SB 218 by Sen. Brian W. Jones (R-Santee) – Companies: Ratification or validation of non-compliant corporate actions.
  • SB 367 by Senator Melissa Hurtado (D-Sanger) – Student Safety: Opioid Overdose Reversal Medication.
  • SB 850 by Sen. John Laird (D-Santa Cruz) – Special death benefits: additional percentages: children of members.
  • SB 872 by Sen. Bill Dodd (D-Napa) – Pharmacies: mobile units.
  • SB 880 by Sen. John Laird (D-Santa Cruz) – Water Diversion: Monitoring and Reporting: University of California Cooperative Extension.
  • SB 896 by Sen. Bill Dodd (D-Napa) – Wildfires: Defensible Space: Grant Programs: Local Governments.
  • SB 925 by Sen. Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel) – Fatal Vehicle Crashes: Chemical Test Results.
  • SB 982 by Sen. John Laird (D-Santa Cruz) – California Apple Commission: Organic Apple Certification Program.
  • SB 1041 by Sen. Toni G. Atkins (D-San Diego) – Sales and Use Taxes: General Exemptions.
  • SB 1214 by Sen. Brian W. Jones (R-Santee) – Planning and Zoning: Local Planning.
  • SB 1268 by Sen. Anna Caballero (D-Merced) – Victims of Crime: Family Access to Information.
  • SB 1312 by Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (R-Yucaipa) – Market Facilitators: Passenger Vehicle Rental Companies.

The Governor also announced that he had vetoed the following bills:

  • AB 1768 by Assemblyman Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove) – State Employees: Active Duty Pay and Benefits. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 2611 by Assemblyman Tom Daly (D-Anaheim) – California family businesses. A veto message can be found here.

For the full text of the bills, visit:

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