Hewlett Packard Enterprise builds a new supercomputer for the French GENCI-CINES to advance the nation’s open science and R&D


France’s national intensive computing centers equip themselves with a considerably powerful supercomputer using advanced high-performance computing and AI solutions to make revolutionary discoveries in the fields of medicine, energy and human science. materials

HOUSTON, November 15, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) today announced the construction of one of Europe’s most powerful supercomputers to be installed and operated at CINES (National Computing Center for higher education), which is one of three high performance computing (HPC) centers in France. The new supercomputer was purchased by GENCI, a French national agency that invests and provides HPC resources to support French academic and industrial research communities.

The new supercomputer, which GENCI and CINES have named “Adastra”, will be built using the HPE Cray EX system, a platform specifically designed to support next-generation supercomputing and AI needs, such as than exascale class systems which will provide up to 10X more performance than today’s most powerful supercomputers. As part of the Adastra design, HPE will also offer powerful compute with 3rd Generation AMD EPYC ™ processors and accelerated computing with new AMD Instinct ™ MI200 accelerators to manage and process data and image-intensive workloads.

By combining significantly advanced capabilities in modeling, simulation, AI, machine learning and analytics, Adastra will help scientists and researchers harness knowledge faster, with more precision, to advance research targeting key areas, including:

  • Develop renewable energies to improve France’s energy security, reduce fuel import requirements and overall, preserve France’s natural resources

  • Discover new, highly efficient materials that can be used to create next-generation batteries

  • Advancing a range of medical research to aid in the design and treatment of drugs

“We are honored to have been selected by GENCI, which enables some of the world’s leading research centers to deliver advanced High Performance Computing (HPC) and AI solutions using exascale era technologies to support France’s R&D efforts, ”said Justin Hotard. , senior vice president and general manager, HPC and AI, at HPE. “The design of the Adastra supercomputer is the result of a close collaboration between GENCI, CINES, HPE and AMD to provide a specialized and high-performance system for exploiting larger data sets, in particular by optimizing the needs in AI and machine learning, to accelerate discovery and innovation. at a faster rate. “

With the latest HPC and AI technologies, Adastra will deliver performance more than 20 times faster than the existing CINES supercomputer at more than 70 performance petaflops to process complex scientific data, on a larger scale.

“Adastra will allow French research teams to position themselves even more strongly on the path of exascale, and to prepare for the change linked to very large-scale resources and new technologies / services”, declared Philippe Lavocat, chairman- Managing Director of GENCI.The realization of this major step came from the dialogue and expertise of the CINES, GENCI and HPE teams.. “

“This new Adastra supercomputer is a double challenge for CINES: massively switching users to a boosted GPU while overcoming power consumption. The 21-fold jump in computing power is staggering compared to the current machine, while power consumption only increases 1.5 times for green HPC. said Boris Dintrans, director of CINES. “The GPU support provided by AMD, using the HPE Cray EX system, allowing Adastra to scale up, is the key element that will ensure the success of the searchers’ takeoff to the stars!”

“AMD EPYC processors and AMD Instinct accelerators continue to demonstrate exceptional innovation and increasing adoption in the HPC industry when performance, scalability and capacity are required for demanding HPC workloads,” said Forrest Norrod , Senior Vice President and General Manager, Data Center and Embedded Solutions Business Group, AMD. “We are proud to work with CINES, GENCI and HPE on the Adastra supercomputer with the aim of solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.”

Adastra strengthens France’s HPC and AI resources for a new generation of insights

Using the HPE Cray EX system, which provides end-to-end exascale-era technologies, spanning compute, software, storage and networking, scientists, researchers and engineers at GENCI and CINES will obtain the following advantages:

Adastra will be based at CINES, in Montpellier, France. The system will be installed and commissioned in 2022.

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