HIF USA Engages Bechtel for Engineering and Design of eFuels Project, Launches Site Selection


HIF USA is expected to produce approximately 200 million gallons per year of carbon neutral gasoline substitute by 2025

Posted: October 19, 2021 at 8:00 a.m. CDT|Update: 16 hours ago

HOUSTON, October 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – HIF United States, LLC (“HIF United States“) announced today that it has engaged Bechtel to perform the preliminary engineering and design of a facility to be built to produce a carbon-neutral gasoline substitute (the” HIF United States EFuels project “). HIF United States is considering multiple locations and plans to select a site for the first installation by the end of the year.

HIF United States will produce a carbon neutral gasoline substitute that can be added to vehicles in use today without any modification to existing engines or the infrastructure on which they depend. Carbon neutral gasoline is produced from CO2 captured from the atmosphere and green hydrogen from renewable wind energy. HIF United States plans to produce about 200 million gallons per year of carbon-neutral gasoline substitute by 2025, with the potential to decarbonize more than 400,000 vehicles. HIF United States estimates the creation of around 3,000 direct jobs during the construction phase, which should start in 2023, and more than 100 permanent jobs in operation

CEO Renato Pereira said: “I am proud to announce that Bechtel will be performing the engineering work for the HIF United States EFuels project. Bechtel is the obvious choice for integrating several existing technologies into a pioneering installation on a global scale. We plan to complete our site selection process by the end of the year, finalize permits in 2022, start construction in 2023 and produce eFuels by 2025. ”

Carbon-Neutral eFuels represent the new frontier for the energy sector, enabling renewable resources to power our mobile economy. There is no better company than Bechtel to design the HIF United States eFuels Project as the leading large-scale facility that anchors the birth of the decarbonization industry ”, Executive Director Meg Sweet noted. “The CO2 recycling system we are developing will accelerate the decarbonization of the transport sector and advance technological applications in green hydrogen production and CO2 capture.

“This is exactly the kind of groundbreaking energy project that Bechtel has built a legacy of by delivering it in partnership with our customers,” said Paul marsden, President, Bechtel Energy. “We are delighted to support HIF in establishing a successful project delivery strategy from day one. HIF is uniquely positioned to present competitive green fuel products to consumers by leveraging the latest advances in equipment and technology, and we are proud to have been selected to join with our front-end team at Bechtel Energy Technologies. & Solutions (BETS) at such an early stage of development. “

About HIF United States
HIF United States develops projects to convert hydrogen made from low-cost renewable energy into carbon-neutral liquid eFuels that can be transported and used by existing infrastructure. The name HIF represents the company’s mission: to provide highly innovative fuels to make the decarbonization of the planet possible. HIF United States is a 100% subsidiary of HIF Global, which is building the Haru Oni ​​demonstration plant in Patagonia, Chile. The Haru Oni ​​demonstration plant is expected to produce eFuels in 2022. For more information on HIF United States visit www.hifglobal.com.

About Bechtel
Bechtel is a trusted engineering, construction and project management partner for industry and government. Differentiated by the quality of our employees and our relentless drive to achieve the best results, we align our capabilities with our clients’ goals to create lasting positive impact. Since 1898, we’ve helped clients complete more than 25,000 projects in 160 countries across seven continents that have created jobs, developed economies, improved the resilience of global infrastructure, increased access to energy, resources and vital services, and make the world a safer and cleaner place.

Bechtel serves Energy; Infrastructure; Nuclear, Safety and Environment; and the mining and metals markets. Our services range from initial planning and investment to start-up and operation. www.bechtel.com

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