How much does art cost at Art Basel, Art Miami?



A solid gold cast of an avocado toast titled “Who Wants to Live Forever?” By artist Tim Bengel at Art Miami located at One Herald Plaza.

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Weird, wonderful, rare, or unique contemporary works of art – often all at once – are on display throughout Miami Art Week. And while the value may lie in the eye of the beholder, the prices don’t. At a time when contemporary art auctions are breaking records, the price to pay can raise eyebrows, even cringe. Here’s a small sample of what it would cost to bring home some of Miami’s most eye-catching and jaw-dropping art this week.

A golden bagel

A solid gold cast of an avocado toast titled “Who Wants to Live Forever?” By artist Tim Bengel at Art Miami located at One Herald Plaza. José A Iglesias [email protected]

Art Miami, Galerie Rother, Booth AM210

Think of “Who Wants to Live Forever” as the world’s most expensive avocado toast, but you can’t eat it. Molded from 26 pounds of pure gold and created from a real avocado bagel that has been 3D scanned and cast in gold, this work is made up of 27 individual parts – a pumpkin bagel cut in two, five tomato slices, 10 arugula leaves, five ring onions and five avocado slices. Artist Tim Bengel, 29, considers the work to be the ultimate symbol of the millennial generation, who have made avocado toast a mandatory part of any brunch menu.

So how much does this art cost?

A rare chest from Wendell Castle

Wendell Castle Chest at Design Miami /

Design Miami, R & Company gallery, Booth G07

By the time of his death in 2018, American sculptor and furniture maker Wendell Castle had achieved luminary status. The drawings above show the artist working in iterations before arriving at a design for this rare 1962 chest.

So how much does this art cost?

Inordinate statement

“Hermès blouse”, Andy Dixon Connie Ogle

UNTITLED, Over the Influence Gallery, B10

It’s not wearable, but this giant replica of a Hermès blouse is a terrific representation of artist Andy Dixon’s historical and fashion references, which he mixes with social commentary. The former Vancouver punk rocker used acrylic and oil stick on canvas with glazed ceramic knobs on wood and a metal hanger.

So how much does this art cost?

A giant candle in the shape of a Schnabel

Portrait of Julian by artist Urs Fischer. José A Iglesias [email protected]

Art Basel Miami Beach, Sadie Coles Headquarters, Booth J7

The hyperrealistic and larger than life wax sculpture by German artist Urs Fischer “Untitled (Portrait of Julian)” is a sharp homage to the art world of yore enfant terrible and director Julian Schnabel. It’s a giant candle with a wick on top and, yes, you can light it – if you buy it. It will take months to melt, but, as part of the deal, Fischer’s studio will give you a new one. The piece is one of two Fischers made (there are also two artist’s proofs). The Whitney Museum in New York, which owns the other, lit the candle when it showed the piece five years ago. Everything finally liquefied in a puddle of water.

So how much does this art cost?

A Gorgon?

The Gorgon’s Tongue and Hand, by artist Nick Weddell, is on sale at Design Miami. Design Miami began on November 30, 2021 and takes place in a large tent on Convention Center Drive in Miami Beach. Emilie Michot [email protected]

Design Miami, Jason Jacques Gallery, Booth G / 05

This five-foot-long ceramic isolation living room shaped like a giant alien’s mouth, complete with tongue and taste buds, is the brainchild of Nick Weddell, a 27-year-old Austin prodigy whose art revolves around an imaginary alternative universe that he calls Zeefromzeglop. The booth is filled with creatures from this world, including the Isolation Lounge, which he calls Gorgon.

So how much for the Gorgon?


Pigeons at the top of the partitions of the Perrotin gallery, part of the series “Ghost” Jose A Iglesias [email protected]

Art Basel Miami Beach, Perrotin, Stand F22

Take a look up at the Perrotin stand and you’ll spot a few dozen pigeons staring creepily at you from the top of the gallery walls. If they look strangely real, it’s because they are: Birds are taxidermized, part of two new works in the long “Ghosts” series by conceptual artist Maurizio Cattelan. A separate Cattelan room in the cabin, “Nothing,” has seven pigeons perched on a gilded Baroque mirror. Cattelan is the artist whose taped banana, also at Perrotin, caused an international sensation at the 2019 show.

So how much does this art cost?

‘Mischief’ Series, Leah Hewson

mischief (1) .jpg
“Méfices” series, Leah Hewson Stoney Road Press

Miami Ink, Stoney Road Press, Booth 155

Mounted on neon acrylic and highlighted with a neon pen, this playful series of abstracts by Dublin-born artist Hewson is made up of smaller versions of his colorful Blow Out series (which are also on display at Ink Miami). A real sense of whimsy and fun characterizes this series, the pieces of which are sold separately.

So how much does this art cost?

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