IBM Samsung’s new chip design can lead to a week’s battery life on phones


How many days does the battery of the smartphone we use last? What can we say? About a day or two if that’s good, depending on how you use it, the smartphone will be on standby for an extended period of two days. Many of us also use extra batteries to avoid battery issues. As you take a look at the battery struggles of smartphones… Major tech giants IBM and Samsung are getting ready to release a battery that will last for about a week. Both companies have revealed that they can extend battery life by changing the design of semiconductors used in smartphones.

Days of the week .. no supplement ..!
IBM and Samsung have worked together on a semiconductor design that provides nearly a week of battery life. The companies said they made progress on this semiconductor business. Both companies hope to gain more space on silicon boards by mounting semiconductor transistors vertically.

A chip developed jointly by Samsung and IBM

The new vertical transport field effect transistors (VTFETs) jointly developed by IBM and Samsung will have a higher density on silicon boards compared to the finfeit transistor (fine field effect transistor) commonly used on smartphones. This could reduce battery power consumption by up to 85%, IBM said in a statement. It will also help improve the switching speed of the transistor and reduce power requirements.
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