Islamabad highway to be extended from Koral to Rawat


Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) board on Saturday approved the completion of Islamabad highway expansion and rehabilitation works between Koral and Rawat.

The council has approved the execution of the project under the government arrangement and the works will be executed by government organizations such as FWO.

It has been observed that individual interventions will only be successful if the full-fledged project is taken up and completed in one go. With the end of the year approaching and the CDA budget already showing a surplus, the CDA Chairman has endorsed this long-awaited and essential project for Islamabad commuters. The project will also include a bus line for Blue Line. The Board approved two separate summaries for transport solutions in Islamabad.

The CDA Board also approved Blue Line and Green Line bus routes and the running of buses on a temporary basis from the surplus available once the buses are by the end of this month. CDA offers a complete solution from Koral to PIMS under the blue line, and from Bhara Kahu to PIMS under the green line. Now all bus routes will be linked so that a person boarding from Bhara Kahu can take the final route to Rawalpindi or the airport.

This initiative will make Islamabad the first city in Pakistan to offer multiple connectivities linking all four corners of the city. It is hoped that this will not only help solve traffic problems and environmental problems, but also introduce a new trend in public travel. The presentation of the Margalla road was made by the E in C branch who are design consultants for the project.

Various aspects including Section 4 termination route and Shah Allah Ditta bypass were considered. It was decided that the Orange Line metro station would be built government-to-government. The heights of Nelore with 2000 apartments under construction by FWO will be offered to the general public.


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