JM Road in Pune tops the Walking Happiness Index


Pune: A survey conducted in the city as part of Pedestrian Day to assess the walking happiness index shows that people enjoy walking on the wide, continuous paths that have been built in some parts. In the survey, most respondents preferred the Jungli Maharaj road followed by Aundh and Bibwewadi streets where trail conditions, design and other aspects were taken into consideration. The survey conducted in mid-November was carried out by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) with the Sustainable Urban Mobility Network (SUM Net) India, Parisar Pune, STPM (Sustainable Transport and Potential Mobility) and transport expert Pranjali Deshpande to assess the happiness index on foot. to show whether pedestrians are indeed happy to walk in the surveyed areas.

“The Walking Happiness Index is a tool developed by the Municipality of Pune and city experts to quantify the level of pedestrian satisfaction using simple techniques,” said Aditya Chawande, architect-urban planner, partner of project in Parisar and mentor of the survey.

The Walking Happiness Index was launched by Pune Mayor Murlidhar Mohol on Saturday at Laxmi Road shopping center, where he pledged to continue Pedestrian Day and also consider keeping crosswalks, subways clean and maintained for pedestrians in the future as well.

“We looked at eight roads selected to represent three categories, such as streets that were transformed according to the principles of complete street design under the Pune Streets program (Jungli Maharaj road, Aundh DP road and Bibwewadi road), streets modified with a basic trail improvement interventions (Gulavani Maharaj Road, Prabhat Road) and streets that will be transformed with better trails in the coming years by PMC (Shivarkar Garden Road, Wanowrie, Loop Road, Yerawada Road and Road Sinhgad), ”Chawande said.

The Jungli Maharaj route scored the maximum points with regard to parameters such as areas of pedestrian refuge when crossing streets, continuity of the trail, width of the trail, pedestrian safety, conditions of lighting at night, street furniture, the path without encroachment. The main street of Aundh saw citizens react positively to the width of the sidewalk and the safety when crossing. In Bibwewadi good lighting at night and a trail without encroachment won most points.

“We took ten simple parameters to define the street walking happiness index, on which pedestrians rated on each parameter on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 for the poor and 4 for the best. This is not a technical audit, rather we asked people walking the streets how they liked the roads, thus noting the total scores on the points awarded ”, said Pranjali Deshpande, town planner and mentor of the investigation.


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