Lancaster County, one of many sites identified for new prison | KLIN


A recently published technical study details more than $ 220 million in upgrades needed to extend the life of the Nebraska State Penitentiary. The 291-page report was provided to members of the Nebraska State Legislature today.

The study, funded and approved by state senators last year, details the gaps and costs related to all buildings and structures located at the NSP as well as related infrastructure and systems at the site.

“In order to provide an accurate cost estimate, the estimates were based on what it would take to repair or replace each item, bringing them up to current and modern standards,” says Scott R. Frakes, director of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. . “Costs were not added for new structures or for increasing the size of structures. In this regard, the assessment is very much based on what currently exists on this campus today. “

The technical study was undertaken with nearly $ 15 million in funding approved by state lawmakers in 2021, which also included developing plans and selecting a site for a new multi-detention facility with 1,512 beds to replace the penitentiary.

“The sites are located in Lancaster, Douglas and Dodge counties,” explains Frakes. “The main criterion for evaluating all available sites was proximity to a population center to support staffing. Those selected so far correspond to this bill.

The approximate size of the site would be 160 acres. As work continues to refine the design of the facility itself, representatives from a commercial real estate investment company will begin to explore option agreements with property owners.


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