League of Legends Fan Makes Awesome Gwen Scissors Prop


A League of Legends player creates an impressive blue scissor prop inspired by Holy Seamstress Gwen that stands seven feet tall.

A fan of the very popular Riot Games MOBA League of Legends made an awesome Gwen scissor prop to celebrate one of the champions with a cult following. The League of Legends Champion uses these powerful scissors in most of his abilities, and their fan recreation looks like it could be used just as strikingly.

The sacred seamstress of League of Legends is Gwen, and she was added to the MOBA in 2021, quickly becoming a favorite champion for many players who explored her abilities. Gwen has a passive ability called A Thousand Cuts that siphons health from other champions so players can restore some health during battle, while her Needlework ability can hit multiple opponents in a straight line. Almost all of Gwen’s abilities in League of Legends use the oversized blue scissors passed down to him by his creator in lore, and Reddit user SameerBundela recently shared his rendition of an actual version of the weapon.


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The physical version of the scissors of SameerBundel in Gwen League of Legends arsenal is seven feet tall according to the designer who made the item for a friend who is an apparent Champion fan. The scissors are almost identical to those wielded by Gwen in League of Legends with a shade of blue that is unmistakable, with the replica of SameerBundel shining in the light like metal. Three small needle-like spikes protrude from one handle of SameerBundel’s scissors which may reflect one of the character’s abilities, while the other handle is left partially open like a crescent moon, with both handles including their own unique designs.

League of Legends‘ Gwen has gone through a few changes since she was added to the roster, but her big blue scissors remain unchanged from the day she was released, leaving a useful model for SameerBunde to work with. The two different designs of the hilts clash when the blades come together, forming a design that is a combination of sharp and rounded that ends before the pointed tip of the weapon that looks even sharper than the League of Legends element on which the scissors are based. According to Sameer Bundel, this League of Legends The Gwen scissors prop is the toughest they’ve made, and like many others, it’s made mostly of foam.

The precision and detail of SameerBundel’s Champion Gwen Scissors has had many MOBA fans expressing their excitement for the potential cosplay prop. While many League of Legends fans lamented the lack of scale in SameerBundel’s photo of the Gwen prop, others requested that a banana or a person be included in an image just for comparison.

League of Legends is now available for Mac and PC.

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