LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog set images bring the Green Hill area to life


Are you ready to revisit the nostalgic Green Hill Zone like you’ve never seen it before?


Earlier this year, LEGO and SEGA announced that a Sonic the hedgehog the set was in production, and now we finally have a first look at the project as well as a launch date for its sale.

It will be the very first Sonic LEGO set that has been manufactured and sold. Designed by a 24 year old fan Viv Grannel, who submitted the concept based on the 2017 video game Sonic Mania through the LEGO Ideas Process in 2019 and received over 10,000 votes, this Sonic the hedgehog The LEGO set is an in-game replica of one of the game franchise’s most iconic level stages: the Green Hill Zone.

lego designer Sam johnson had these words to say in the early stages of the project:


“It’s so much in the vein of the video game itself that has that kind of colorful charm. And it’s not too complicated, which I really loved. Sonic has this real geometric design where the landscape is very striped and you have these square patterns on it. And it was all visually there, which I was really happy about.

Image via LEGO

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Lego Sonic the hedgehog The Green Hill Zone set consists of 1,125 pieces and four mini figures. Minifigures include Sonic the Hedgehog, of course, as well as his nemesis Dr. Robotnik, sitting on a flying vehicle, as well as two easily recognizable minions for fans: a Crabmeat and a Moto Bug. In addition, the set also includes the Phantom Ruby, Chaos Emeralds, and 10 Gold Ring Boxes that can be positioned in a hover position on the stage. Another fun addition is a Technic lever which, when pressed, makes Sonic leap into the air.

The specific size of the product has yet to be made public, however, the construction of the set allows it to be linked to other LEGO sets. LEGO has officially revealed that the Sonic the hedgehog The Green Hill Zone set will go on sale on the first day of 2022 and will retail for $ 69.99. You can pre-order directly here.

Image via LEGO

Image via LEGO

Image via LEGO

Image via LEGO


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