Lincoln Gets New Flag After City Council Approves Winning Design | local government


The teal, navy and gold flag features intersecting lines intended to capture the interconnection of technology, agriculture and commerce that drew people to Lincoln, according to Mejia. The lighthouse in the center symbolizes hope and optimism, as well as Lincoln’s reputation as a safe harbor for those seeking to call the community home.

There’s a sunset — one of Mejia’s favorite things in Nebraska — depicted, as well as the State Capitol and an aerial view of the traditional city center and start located at 13th and W streets.

Teal green represents Lincoln’s tapestry of parks, trails, trees and green space and is home to the Arbor Day Foundation; the navy blue, the underground aquifer and important natural resources important to the region; gold, a bright future for the city and a place where everyone is welcome.

Members who served on the committee and members of the city council praised Mejia’s work.

Kayla Meyer of the Young Professionals Group said submissions came from people between the ages of 6 and 90, and the committee received more than 6,400 comments on the four finalists. The design by Mejia, who emigrated from El Salvador, was clearly a fan favorite, she said.

Councilor Jane Raybould, who described herself as a little grumpy, wasn’t convinced when she first saw the design, but upon learning the meaning of the flag, she changed her mind.


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