Locally Manufactured Designer Drugs Are Gaining Popularity | Surah News


Surat: In the past, high-end drugs were difficult to obtain and expensive because they were mostly imported, local production of synthetic drugs, designed to meet specific types of needs like fitness enthusiasts, students or partygoers , has made the city’s drug-laden underbelly a whole lot murkier.
Investigators as well as those working in rehab centers say this is a dangerous trend and fear that custom-made forms are the most sought after among synthetic drugs today. “Synthetic forms of drugs are easy to consume and have various uses. Fitness activity, partying, studying or feeling isolated”, Vinay Solanki, President of Parivartan Vyasan Mukti KendraSura.
The two main categories of methamphetamine and mephedrone are now manufactured by pharmacy graduates. Recently, two synthetic drug manufacturing units were dismantled in Vape speak Narcotics Control Bureauwhile a manufacturing unit was discovered in Surat district by the city police.
Investigators were surprised when the drug’s manufacturer claimed that they increased the particular chemical based on their needs. “Synthetic drugs are quickly becoming popular among teenagers due to their designer forms. The same type of drug with different amounts of its ingredients is enjoyed by teenagers,” said one NCB official.
“There are different types of drugs provided according to user demand. The providers know their regular customers and they give the drugs accordingly,” said a 24-year-old businessman who is undergoing drug treatment for MD abuse.


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