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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#edchat–Macmillan Learning, a private, family-owned publishing and educational services company, today announced that it is seeking instructors teaching the Introductory Psychology and Introductory Sociology courses to assist in research on the reduction of equity gaps. The company is initially seeking approximately 20 instructors from 2- or 4-year institutions serving primarily Black, Latino, Indigenous, and/or low-income students for the upcoming fall semester.

Research beginning in the fall 2022 semester will investigate evidence-based teaching practices, including the impact of results-based teaching, active learning inside and outside the classroom. classroom, as well as formative assessment and feedback. In particular, the research will examine the relationship between these practices and student course performance. In the spring of 2023, Macmillan Learning will study students’ sense of belonging and metacognition. These studies will be replicated in the following academic year.

Earlier this year, the company announced it will study how digital learning platforms and courseware like Reach can help close equity gaps in course completion for historically and currently underserved students and students experiencing poverty. The new research will seek to uncover how resources and tools that can be integrated into courseware, such as the company’s new digital learning platform, Achieve, can support underserved students and promote student success. In particular, it will focus on three areas:

  • learn which didactic resources integrated into the program most effectively support students’ metacognition and sense of belonging;
  • whether the inclusion of evidence-based teaching practices in Achieve has a positive relationship with learning outcomes; and
  • how to best develop culturally appropriate content for all students.

Research for the Introduction to Psychology will be conducted using the best-selling book Achieve for Psychology of everyday life, 6e, written by David G. Myers and Nathan C. DeWall. Research for introductory sociology courses will be done using Succeed for OpenStax Sociology, 3rd. Students participating in the research will receive their course materials at no cost to them, and participation in the research study is voluntary.

Once complete, Macmillan Learning will make its findings publicly available and create an implementation guide with examples of evidence-based practices that can be used in tutorials like Achieve.

Instructors at 2- or 4-year institutions teaching Introductory Sociology or Introductory Psychology serving primarily Black, Latino, Indigenous, and/or low-income students may register interest in participating in the study here.

About Reach

Reach is Macmillan Learning’s recently launched digital learning platform. It was developed using science learning and in partnership with students and instructors with the aim of supporting students of all levels of motivation and preparation and engaging them in and out of the classroom to improve their achievement. Because it was based on learning science, Achieve was the first product designed exclusively for higher education to earn “Research-Based Design” product certification by Digital Promise. Product certification helps assure instructors and institutions that the products they select have been designed using scientific, research-based learning principles and developed using best practices before they are used with their students.

Previous search for efficiency on Achieve has found that this can help close the performance gap often seen among students entering college. In other words, the more less academically prepared students use Achieve, the closer they can come to the performance of their more academically prepared peers. Indeed, Achieve was co-designed with active learning in mind by over 7,000 students and 100 leading educators and learning scientists, both working at Macmillan Learning and advising as members of independent review committees. Achieve can be used in a traditional, online, hybrid, blended, or fully “flipped” classroom, with synchronous and asynchronous learning options to support student engagement.

About Macmillan Learning

Macmillan Learning is a privately owned family business improving lives through learning. By connecting research to the practice of learning, we develop innovative learning products and materials for students that are highly effective and improve outcomes. Our engaging content is developed in partnership with the world’s top researchers, educators, administrators, and developers. To learn more, please visit or join our Macmillan Community.


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