Maintenance and construction of facilities by a trusted team


ISO Services provides industrial maintenance and construction services to clients coast to coast.

Based in Richland, Mississippi, with additional offices in Vicksburg, Mississippi; Holden, Louisiana; and Newell, West Virginia, the company specializes in facility maintenance and execution of capital construction projects. Since its inception in 1979, the ISO Services team has built a reputation for unrivaled experience, dedication and adaptability – proud to deliver high quality industrial service and customer satisfaction.

As a division of Ergon Construction Group Inc., ISO Services has benefited from the experience and knowledge gained over decades of serving businesses within the Ergon organization. Ergon is a privately held group of companies serving customers in more than 90 countries around the world in construction and real estate, refining and marketing, specialty chemicals, asphalt and emulsions, oil and gas and logistics.

Industrial maintenance

The industrial maintenance services offered by ISO Services range from fabrication and installation of pipes, to assembly and adjustment of equipment, erection, demonstration and dismantling of structural steel, repairs of vessels and small vessel manufacturing, above ground storage tank repairs, complete plant maintenance and EPC contracts. They hold ASME “S”, “R” and “U” Code Stamp certifications for the inspection and repair of electrical piping, tanks, boilers and pressure vessels.


ISO Services offers a full range of industrial scaffolding services for maintenance, overhauls and capital projects – whether for ongoing maintenance, expansion or new construction. Materials are produced by experienced and strategically aligned manufacturers. Services offered include equipment rental, scaffolding engineering and design, as well as erection and dismantling. Inventory includes a scaffolding system, multi-purpose (pin-lock) style tube and clamp, as well as wooden, steel and aluminum planks.


ISO Services offers tank insulation that provides consistent thermal protection throughout the life of the system and significantly reduces your long-term operating and maintenance costs. The ISO panel system is customized to meet customer needs, with superior strength and increased R-values. Their experienced team offers design services, heat tracing, coatings and more, providing tools to help increase the life of insulated items, insulate and protect customers’ investments.

The ISO Panels Snap-Lock system uses a seam-to-seam dimension of 16 inches, which better follows the contour of the tank. More metal ribs and attachment points mean higher strength. 24-gauge galvalume has three times the strength of .024-inch aluminum, resulting in a superior installed finish and greater resistance to wind damage. The ISO panel ridges provide additional resistance to oil canning and the Snap-Lock design eliminates the need for mechanical joints, dramatically reducing the labor hours required for installation. A Kynar coating protects the ISO Panels Snap-Lock system and provides excellent UV protection, which helps maintain product appeal.

The majority of ISO Services vertical panel systems are manufactured using Thermax isocyanurate insulation, which provides the highest fire resistance and additional panel strength, as well as increased R-value per inch. Because Thermax is non-absorbent, it will retain its thermal properties in the event of water intrusion. The laminated design of the ISO panel system greatly reduces, if not eliminates, insulation settlement, resulting in consistent thermal protection throughout the life of the system. Panels can be removed and replaced without compromising system integrity.

ISO Services’ design experience extends to other areas related to insulation, such as heat tracing, coatings under insulation and design details of tanks, equipment and piping, all of which increase the life of the insulation system and the item to be insulated. For more information, visit or call (888) 476-7265.


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