Mattel Creations “The BATMAN” RC Car Ultimate Batmobile


Undoubtedly the most gritty Batmobile To exit Bruce Wayne’s Bat Lair, Mattel Creations has teamed up with DC to create this 1:10 scale remote-controlled replica of the hero’s iconic vehicle, all in anticipation of the next movie “The Batman”.

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Officially named The BATMAN The Ultimate Batmobile, we finally got a clear look at the menacing machine created as a tribute to the Dark Knight. The Ultimate Batmobile is for enthusiasts who want to put the relic of the franchise ahead of others. The Mattel Creations Ultimate Batmobile is, as mentioned, a 1:10 scale replica of what is portrayed in the movies.

It is said to sports a rear-wheel drive system and is equipped with road-grade working suspension. This masterpiece shows the details of the film with the inclusion of combat damage in its design and can reach a top speed of 15 mph.

Mattel Creations “The BATMAN” RC Car Ultimate Batmobile

Other interesting features of the RC Batmobile are the working headlights, the illuminated and detailed interior in keeping with the details of the real movie, the color changing LEDs in the rear jet v8 engine. Mattel creations have not hesitated with other features that will appeal to enthusiasts such as the haze effect created by the water vapor system when the car accelerates and the front and rear flame effects.

The Batmobile is 19.5 inches long, 5.3 inches high and 9.6 inches wide. This leaves room for the Batman action figure which shifts the steering and spins according to the movement of the RC. There is also a Batcave reception area configured with LED monitors that light up by pressing the Bat signal. The little car looks more like a movie prop than a toy, and would look great alongside this Tim Burton-inspired Batmobile plan for the wall.

Here is a detailed specification of The Ultimate Batmobile:

  • Size: 5.3 inch (H) x 19.5 inch (W) x 9.6 inch (D)
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Playing time: 20-25 minutes
  • Maximum speed: 13-15 mph
  • Remote-controlled replica of the hero vehicle from The Batman franchise
  • Rear-wheel drive with functional suspension
  • Full-function remote control with pistol grip and steering wheel for driving
  • Water vapor and color-changing LEDs provide a rear jet glow
  • Bright three-dimensional interior, steering wheel and gear lever
  • Detachable 6-inch Batman action figure sits in the driver’s seat
  • Pushing the Bat Signal illuminates the monitors and launches a scripted light show.

The designers at Mattel paid attention to detail and made these 1970s steel wheels as close to the movie prop as possible. The Ultimate Batmobile was made available for pre-order on the Mattel Creations website and is priced at $ 500 (invaluable for true Dark Night fans). Ships on or before July 1, 2022 and limited to two per order.

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