McGregor School construction project moving forward | Education


Brian Lonquist, a representative from Nexus Solutions, told the McGregor School Board at its regular December 20 meeting what he called a “really hectic development” in moving the school construction project forward.

Delivery of the joists and deck was scheduled for December 22; a crane was mobilized and ready to start erecting the structure the next day. Two to three weeks of installing the steel to prepare the patio and roof, then they will bring in heaters and start working on the interior work. The start of the roofing work is scheduled for the end of January.

“The only problem right now is the selection of bricks,” he said. A very good match is not available until the end of the summer. Lonquist is working with Anthony Pierce, ISD-4 Facilities Manager, to come up with a brick facade design that will match another color in an intentional design. From the contingency fund, $ 350,000 remains; Lonquist will provide Superintendent Brad Johnson with a report he can share with the council. The costs for “winter conditions” do not come from contingency funds, Lonquist said.

A number of year-end donations were made to the school district. The following items have been approved for acceptance:

Tamarack Sno Flyers, $ 500 for the high school directory.

Tamarack Sno Flyers, $ 1,000 for the cross-country ski program.

Tamarack Sno Flyers, $ 4,263 for High School Band Tuba.

Aitkin County Child Abuse Prevention Council, donated $ 1,500 for a family engagement program.

The board approved a resolution in support of the Congressional IDEA Full Funding Act, congressional funding to help pay for special education services. This is the time when Congress could support a resolution calling on Congress to pay its fair share of the cost of special education.


The board of directors approved the resignation of Leif Hagen effective December 31. Robin Hawkinson intervened during the break on duty.

Superintendent Brad Johnson thanked the staff at Big Sandy Lodge for their efforts in welcoming Santa Claus and for the gifts they sent to the students.

“The kids were very, very excited,” Johnson said.

Organizational meeting January 10 at 6 p.m.

Working session January 10 at 6:05 p.m.

Minnesota School Boards Association Conference Jan. 12-14 in Minneapolis.

Regular meeting on January 24 at 6 p.m.


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