Modsy redecorates with NetSuite to meet growing customer demand


NetSuite Helps Online Interior Design Service Obtain Data-Driven Business Insights To Drive Business Forward

Posted: October 19, 2021 at 7:02 a.m. PDT|Update: 15 hours ago

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SUITEWORLD 2021 – Modsy, one of the leading online interior design services, has selected Oracle NetSuite to scale its operations to meet growing customer demand. With NetSuite, Modsy leverages an integrated business platform to gain deeper insights from its data, increase productivity, improve customer experience, and establish a flexible and scalable foundation for continued growth.

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Founded in 2015 in San Francisco, Modsy combines 3D rendering technology with deep interior design expertise to transform clients’ living spaces. To meet growing demand as people stayed at home during the global pandemic, Modsy needed to replace its existing financial system with a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. After careful evaluation, Modsy chose NetSuite as a centralized platform to manage its financial, order management and customer relationship management operations. With NetSuite, Modsy will improve decision-making by improving visibility across its business, using employee resources more efficiently, and evolving operations to meet growing customer demand as sales increase. . -year.

“Our business is growing steadily, but when the global pandemic set in, we braced ourselves for declining sales. We quickly discovered that the opposite was happening and quickly realized that our existing IT systems could not scale to meet the growing customer base. demand that we knew, ”said Shanna tellerman, CEO and Founder, Modsy. “We have a culture obsessed with data because it helps us provide better service. With the data-driven insights that NetSuite will provide, we can confidently scale our operations and increase productivity. As a result, we have set the stage for rapid growth continuity, and we are delighted that NetSuite continues to be an invaluable partner in our evolution. “

With NetSuite, Modsy will gain greater visibility into its financial, supply chain and inventory management data, which will help Modsy streamline processes and make more informed business decisions. For example, Modsy will be able to analyze shipping and pricing data to adjust product prices in real time and determine the most profitable shipping routes. This visibility into its supply chain will also help Modsy improve the customer experience by providing its customers with accurate details on the status of each shipment. Additionally, NetSuite will help Modsy make more efficient use of its employees’ resources by automating previously manual tasks, including order processing and refunds, allowing Modsy staff to focus on delivering a great experience. customer. Finally, Modsy will use NetSuite SuiteAnalytics as a single source of truth for their organization’s data, which will help them get a complete, real-time picture of the health of their entire business.

“The global pandemic has tested the resilience of almost every organization, and Modsy is a perfect example of a company that has been able to adapt its operations to meet and exceed rapidly changing customer demands. To make these changes when you operate three different and interrelated. the business models – which Modsy does as a tech, design and retail company – are even more impressive, ”said Evan goldberg, Executive Vice President, Oracle NetSuite. “By using NetSuite, Modsy dramatically increases the value of its data and establishes a centralized and scalable platform that will support its future growth.”

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