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Ducks and geese swim and wade in the water of Indian Park Pond. KAREN VIBERT-KENNEDY / Sun-Gazette

With a $ 5,000 infusion donated by the Heim Foundation, the Indian Park Montoursville volunteers, or the VIP group as they call themselves, were able to buy wood to repair picnic tables, paint and replace the propane heater unit in their store on the park grounds. The borough is also ordering a metal roof for seven of the park’s covered picnic tables. Work on the roofs will be carried out this year.

Taking stock of the group’s work at the Montoursville Borough Council during their meeting on Tuesday evening, Robert Weaver explained that VIPs had been limited in what they could do at the park, in part due to availability equipment.

John Hunsinger, who has been with the group for 27 years, joined Weaver to report to the board.

He told council that every building in the park was built either by members of the VIP group or with their help.

The group, which meets every Tuesday morning, has declined in number, Weaver said, and is still looking for new members.

In the remaining cases, Council approved the purchase of an adaptive swing for Indian Park at a cost not to exceed $ 1,800. The swing, a bench swing, should be installed in the area around the pond.

In conjunction with the Playground Project, Council agreed to authorize Alice Trowbridge, RLA to write a story as part of the application process for Legacy Legacy Grant funding for the project.

“It has the potential to represent a considerable amount of money”, said board member Misty Emick.

Council approved a request for payment for mechanical and electrical improvements to the waterworks project by Appellation Construction Services, LLC, in the amount of $ 128,585. It was noted that the project is about 80% complete at this point.

Prior to the start of the business portion of the meeting, the board held its reorganization meeting. The following positions have been filled: Eric Greenway, President; Christopher Lucas, vice-president; and Robert Brown, interim president.

The following positions have also been appointed or reappointed: Ginny Gardner, Secretary / Treasurer / Open Files Officer; street and water project coordinator, Cliff Hoffman; McCormick Law Firm, Borough Lawyer; Borough engineers Pysher & Associates, Levine Engineering, LLC and Larson Design Group; Nicole Greenway, 2-year term on the Property Maintenance Appeal Board; Emick, 5-year term on the recreation council; James Vanik, 6-year term on the Civil Service Commission; Scott Konkle, 2-year term on the Memorial Gardens Committee; and Robert Brown, Lycoming County Water and Sewer Authority and Library Liaison.

The Council urged community members to apply for vacancies on various boards and committees.

The next council meeting will be on February 7 at 7 p.m. at the John Dorin Municipal Building, 617 North Loyalsock Ave.

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