More than an entrance: the importance of doors and hardware in your home


(Good Things Utah) – It’s all in the details when designing your home. The material is really the finishing touch to the house. It’s the little details that seem overlooked, but in reality make a huge difference in the feel of the “finished” home. Today Jordan Law of Fieldstones homes spoke about hardware and doors.

When choosing a new door hardware store, you have to make a bewildering array of decisions. Here’s how the professionals at Fieldstone Homes and Tanner Glass do it. Door hardware is super fun and can make a simple door / trim pop! Especially when selected in matte black or brushed brass.

Brushed brass hardware is a new option added to Fieldstone’s product offering and their designers are very excited about it. A large, sophisticated handle on the front door makes an immediate impression. The designers also come up with some touchscreen smart locking deadbolts that are both beautiful and functional (which they absolutely love!). Anything that is both aesthetic and also contributes to the functionality of your daily life is a major victory.

Framed mirrors are also the finishing touch to a bathroom – they don’t have to be very bulky or ornate, but a clean looking mirror can make a big impact on a bathroom. It’s also fun to mix and match the mirror frames. Even if you have the same finishes throughout the house, changing the mirror frames can make every space different and unique.

One of the items that are extremely important in a bathroom is the shower glass. You can have a nice shower surrounded by a rainfall showerhead and beautiful floor, but if you don’t have a sleek and fancy piece of glass it can make the bathroom look drab.

Tanner Glass helps Fieldstone Homes and its customers make their dream shower a reality. Whether you are looking for a modern Gridscape shower or a bypass to step over your tub, they have styles and options to suit all styles and budgets! Are you not a fan of transparent glass? They offer a variety of textured glass to add more privacy or the finishing touch you envisioned.

If you want the glass door, the “full euro” frameless glass door is the way to go. It’s bigger, the glass is thicker, there is less framing and hardware – it really is the centerpiece of the master bathroom. The Euro shower also gives you options for a handle or a towel bar.

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