Neal Air AR glasses debut in the US on Amazon for $379


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Nreal launched the Nreal Air augmented reality glasses in the US on Amazon for $379. For an additional $59, it will come with an adapter that will allow it to work with an iPhone.

The consumer-focused AR glasses also feature a redesign of Nreal’s Nebula AR operating system and Nebula for Mac. Nreal said the Nreal Air will have a fashionable look and a friendly price – something that has been elusive for previous generations of chunky AR glasses.

Nreal Air is launched two years after Nreal Light first hit the developer market in August 2020. Nreal wants to push the boundaries again with the Nreal Air to reach more consumer groups with the introduction of a very avant-garde design.

Nreal Air’s sunglasses-style design won the company a 2022 iF Design Award. anytime, anywhere.

Play on the Nreal Air.

These Nreal Air updates include an improved light engine, 25% weight reduction and 50% less power consumption, at a recommended retail price 40% lower than Nreal Light, which sells for $600.

Nreal has tried to balance design and efficiency in its approach. Nreal Air deliberately features an industry standard 46° field of view and 3DoF (three degrees of freedom). This paves the way for an improved lighting engine and higher pixels per degree for sharper video and image quality, unlike the 52° field of view (FOV) and 6 degrees of freedom tracking (DoF) from Nreal Light.

Designed for entertainment consumption like video viewing and mobile gaming, Nreal Air also benefits from significantly lower power consumption, providing longer battery life, by forgoing dual SLAM cameras and RGB cameras frontal included on Nreal Light.

The Nreal Air AR glasses also marked a world first as the only device in the XR field to achieve Low Blue Light (Hardware Solution), Flicker Free and Eye Comfort certifications from TÜV Rheinland Group. Of these, Eye Comfort is the highest level of certification that assesses display quality, environmental lighting system, eye protection technology, and user health and comfort. The certification even takes into account the configuration of the device for myopic lenses. To date, only 216 display devices worldwide, including computers and monitors, have received the Eye Comfort award.

With these conscious adjustments, Nreal Air is creating a new category of consumer-focused AR glasses that offer more portability and convenience, with a fashionable design. And it also covers the vast majority of the ways AR apps are most frequently used in everyday life, including gaming, web browsing, and media consumption.

Better iOS and MacOS compatibility

Nreal Air works with a Macbook.
Nreal Air works with a Macbook.

To bring the mobile cinema experience to iOS users, Nreal introduces its Nreal adapter, which connects to any iPhone via an HDMI to Lightning dongle. While Nreal’s AR operating system, Nebula, runs on Android-based devices, the Nreal Air experience on iOS will initially only offer screen mirroring and will allow users to enjoy streaming services. popular streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and Hulu. Users can also browse TikTok on the go or from the comfort of their home thanks to Nreal Air’s 130″ screen and superior display technology.

Additionally, Nreal is introducing a Mac version of Nebula for all Apple chip-powered MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. When plugged in, a virtual user interface called AR Desktop will launch and project multiple virtual screens into the air, turning a single laptop into a multi-window workstation.

“AR glasses will likely first appear in people’s lives as a display technology and then gradually transform into a holistic experience. That’s why the thinking behind Nreal Air is very much focused on aesthetics, quality display and its connectivity with other hardware devices,” Peng Jin, co-founder of Nreal, said in a statement.

Nreal Air AR glasses.

Along with the hardware launch of Nreal Air, Nreal is also announcing Nebula’s biggest update yet, starting with a completely redesigned AR space – the first personal AR portal that Nreal users see when opening nebula. The new interface sports a borderless curved wall design and a highly interactive menu with animated 3D icons. Meanwhile, a new widget feature pushes recommended content to users and also allows them to preview or even access the app directly from the AR Space interface, without the extra step of opening the app. .

Nreal’s own Spatial Browser has also undergone a complete overhaul, which now offers the option between two display modes: horizontal mode for multi-window browsing and vertical mode for sites with cascading designs. (like Pinterest or online comics).

Alongside the launch, Nreal is unveiling several new casual games and two apps from XRay Studio that feature exclusive augmented reality experiences.

Teleport, the first of XRay Studio’s applications, combines the virtual with the real world. Users can browse 3D models of real-world structures scanned by their smartphones. Once inside these digitized structures, users can leave photos, text, and even voicemail messages and interact with other users in the same virtual space. The app will be made available to global users later this year.

“Teleport represents our goal to include as many people as possible in creating engaging content that can be enjoyed on both mobile phones and AR glasses. There’s something very special about putting people in a replica environment where they can move freely like they would in real life. That sense of familiarity shows the beauty of AR,” Jin said.

Finally, casual and hardcore gamers can enjoy the best gaming experiences on Nreal Air with Nebula’s mirror mode. With a virtual screen as wide as 130 inches, casual gamers who primarily use their iPhone or Android phone as their gaming device of choice, and hardcore gamers who prefer devices such as Steam Deck, Switch, Xbox or PlayStation can enjoy an immersive gaming experience. In fact, in AR mode, Nreal Air’s screen can be expanded to 200 inches and anchored in space, making it an ideal portable gaming setup for cloud gaming services like Xbox Cloud.


Nreal Air with Nreal adapter.

Starting September 27, Nreal Air will be available for purchase on Amazon for $379, and the Nreal Adapter will be available for pre-order on Amazon for $59 in the United States.

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