Newcastle United new outrage shirt – I saw Ireland not Saudi Arabia…maybe just me


Newcastle United haven’t even officially bought Kylian Mbappe and Harry Kane so far and yet Saudi Arabia’s outrage is back.

This week, allegedly ‘leaked’ images have been circulating relating to the various alleged Newcastle United 2022/23 kits.

First, we saw the claimed NUFC home jersey (see HERE) go around, then it was an away (third?) jersey (see HERE).

On Thursday night, another alleged new (away/second?) change away shirt surfaced on social media, this one receiving a slightly different response than the other two.

I have to admit my first thought upon seeing it was that it was a rip off/reproduction of the Republic or Ireland away shirt from 1990 when Wor Jackie Charlton was in charge…

Republic of Ireland 1990 Away Shirt

Only for then later outrage from Saudi Arabia…

Saudi Arabia Home Shirt 2022

This is Saudi Arabia’s current home shirt and outrage over the use of green and white colors on Newcastle’s alleged new change strip.

As you can see from this small selection of comments below, the outrage of so many outsiders is directed at Newcastle United fans, as opposed to anyone who has actually had a say in this new shirt design, if it turns out to be correct (which I think based on previous leaked shirt reveals, is quite likely).

Honestly, with the way so many outrages continue, you’d think Newcastle United’s fan base marched through the streets demanding a new away shirt in honor of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman…

Contrary to the reality of these leaked images of alleged new NUFC shirt designs encountered the same as anything else, 99% of Newcastle fans. No big (none!) hooray for potential club Saudi Arabia links that could be behind this particular shirt design, people will just be voting with their feet/wallets when it comes to deciding whether or not to buy that new shirt, if it turns out to be the real deal.

As for the outraged, what exactly would they do if this was their club???

Would they refuse to go see their team play? Taking to the streets in protest, demanding that this new shirt design not be allowed?

The answer is of course a big no to both questions, when it comes to 99%+ of any fan base. Indeed, if Newcastle United fans had the wherewithal to demand who owns and doesn’t own their club, then Mike Ashley wouldn’t have lasted 14 months, let alone 14+ years without ambition.

The bottom line is that those who condemn Newcastle fans don’t care about us and our club.

They and the media laughed at us for nearly a decade and a half when Mike Ashley robbed us of all joy of following our football club, so why should we now notice the same people wanting to lecture us about something something we hadn’t voted on when deciding.

Questions should be directed to Mike Ashley as to exactly why he sold Newcastle United to Saudi Arabia’s PIF and all that follows from that decision is the big tat empire controller who walked away with more than £300million in his pocket after destroying our football. club and use it for personal enrichment.

(***PS…However, I will take a strong moral stance on this new NUFC shirt and refuse to purchase it, just as I have taken a strong moral stance my entire adult life and have not purchased only one replica Newcastle United shirt. My morale remained intact very well…)

Comments on Twitter reacting to the alleged ‘leak’ of Newcastle United’s new change shirt for the 2022/23 season:

“All that’s missing is a bone saw maker as a shirt sponsor, and my human rights violation bingo card is complete.”

“The strangest thing is that the good people of Newcastle (where I lived for 2 years long ago) mostly seem to welcome the Saudi regime with blind abandon. I mean the Geordies are cunning. But being blinded by future money seems to be the cure for all ethical dilemmas.

“I hate it and I’m a big Newcastle fan. I simply cannot accept the integration of Saudi Arabia into our brand and identity.

“People who are concerned about the color of the jersey should realize that nothing can be changed by the opinions of the fans, we are now a very powerful group of people.”

‘(Liverpool fan) Everything can change with the opinions of the fans. They wouldn’t even be yours if you hadn’t been welcomed with open arms.

‘Answers a lot of questions. Separation and all that. Sportwashing clearly at work. I have lots of friends who support Newcastle and they are not blind to what is going on. If Ashley put the sport straight onto a branded away kit, there would be an outcry.

‘(Chelsea fan) Oh wow!! Have they ever worn white with green???’

‘1988. 1995. 1990/2000 been a few times we had green in it.’

“(Everton fan) Haha hahaha – I’m sure a significant number of their fans would happily put a Saudi flag on it as long as they got the money.”

‘(Liverpool fan) You can support the team and disagree with the ownership. Tribalism is not absolute.

“It’s great to see Newcastle show up in the colors of one of the UK’s strongest allies.”

‘(Leeds fan) Does it come with bloodstains.’

‘(Crystal Palace fan) Ashamed.’

“The CPFC refuses or gives away its Middle Eastern oil money every year in protest, right?”

“(Everton fan) What a shame to see an old and proud club like Newcastle being used to sport wash away a murderous regime in Saudi Arabia.”

‘Not a Newcastle fan but who really cares? It’s an away kit, it won’t change the black and white stripes people recognize as Newcastle, and it’s worth the price of the resources they’ll get from the owners.

‘All Saudi reviews make me laugh. Before taking power, you could count on tweets from football fans condemning human rights in Saudi Arabia.


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