Passage Home Affordable Housing, by LS3P


This project has been selected as the honorary winner of the 2021 Residential Architect Design Awards, On the Boards category.

This well-documented project addresses travel issues and offers design solutions tailored to the neighborhood. —Own Ingrid Spencer

South Park, a predominantly black historic neighborhood in Raleigh, North Carolina, has suffered the scars of systemic racism: redlining, predatory buying tactics, and gentrification. This affordable housing project was designed as a volunteer effort by Wilmington, North Carolina-based LS3P to provide “a fair city design for all, including affordable housing.” The $ 25 million, 226,000 square foot program offers 216 residential units across three sites with different zoning: 13 single-family homes, two secondary suites, 26 townhouses and 175 units for tenants earning between 30 % and 70% of the region’s median income. . The lots on predominantly residential streets feature one- and two-story gable structures, while the former industrial site becomes a three-story elevator-less apartment development. All residents will have access to shared green spaces. The architects hosted visualization sessions with nonprofit leaders, staff, the community, Raleigh’s Planning and Development Department, and a volunteer team of civil, landscape and modular construction consultants. The team’s strategy is to build and sell the single-family homes and townhouses at market rates first, with the proceeds funding the rent-restricted units, which will be delivered for $ 100 and $ 130 per square foot. While a market-driven solution typically repels long-term residents, Passage Home seeks to match the demographics of the current population.

Project: Passage Home Affordable Housing, Raleigh, North Carolina
Customer: Home visit
Architects: Associates LS3P, Matt Barnett, AIA, Dan Harrop, AIA
Landscape architect: Stewart, Michael Batts, APL
Civil engineer: Stewart, Joe Puckett, PE
Cut: 172,800 square feet
Cost: $ 26,000,000

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