Passion and entrepreneurship collide for local creative designer


Stella Grinfeld recently worked on the LOVE LOCAL campaign with the Newmarket Chamber

To call Stella Grinfeld a graphic designer would be an understatement.

She founded her company, Stella Graphix Inc., and while graphic design is the core of what the company does, she offers a variety of other digital marketing services.

For Grinfeld herself, her passion and creativity goes back as far as she can remember.

“I don’t remember not having a brush in my hand, or a drawing,” she said.

She was born in Ukraine and started learning the piano at a very young age, as her mother ran a music school. She was also really into the visual arts and writing.

“Those are the three things that have carried me through my entire life,” Grinfeld said.

Her family moved to Canada when she was seven, settling in North York and later Richmond Hill.

Even as they adjusted to life in Canada, Grinfeld was still heavily involved in the arts.

“We had no money, we barely had a place to live, but my mom made sure I got my art and my music,” she said.

The creative side represents only half of its activity. Grinfeld also said she has an entrepreneurial spirit.

She was already selling her own art when she was 10 and started running her own music and arts school when she was 15. While studying design at York-Sheridan, she also began doing freelance work.

Grinfeld lived in Toronto, Richmond Hill and other areas before falling in love with Newmarket one day while shopping for wedding dresses.

“I came to Main Street and got out of the car and said ‘what is this lovely little place? I just looked around, where am I, it’s wonderful,” she said. “A year later we bought a house here and I fell in love with the community,”

Newmarket first became his family’s home and later became the headquarters of his business.

She was working in downtown Toronto and when she got pregnant with her first son, she decided she didn’t want to take that trip anymore.

“One thing I’ve realized is how much commuting really takes your time to be productive or to actually create. I’ve always been a big advocate for working from home or working from home. space where you are so you don’t waste time or emissions,” she said.

It was then that she decided to go all out in her business, which she had been doing on the side for years.

“I decided to give it 100 percent and we pretty much grew year by year,” Ginfeld said.

Her eldest son is now eight years old and she has two other children, one aged six and the other aged two and a half.

“I feel like with each child, it has made me a better multi-tasker and made me learn to do more things better and faster. It has been an incredible blessing in so many ways,” said she declared.

Grinfeld started her business several years ago, but didn’t incorporate until 2018 as Stella Graphix Inc. She said it took her a while to figure out what to call it.

“A big challenge for me was how to define my business in one word that people can pronounce quickly,” she said, adding that she was happy with her choice.

Its mission is to support local businesses and help them grow and succeed, by providing digital marketing services and products.

She said she has seen many of her clients become iconic local brands and she is proud and inspired by that.

“By developing our local businesses, I feel like I’m also helping the local community grow. It’s such an important thing for everyone to do, improve our economy, keep money local, keep money in our community and just allow businesses to thrive,” Grinfeld said.

One of his recent projects was the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce’s LOVE LOCAL campaign, which highlighted Newmarket businesses and encouraged residents to shop and support them. Stella Graphix Inc. produced the campaign ads.

“Words can’t describe, it’s so amazing. I’m so honored to have been selected for this project,” she said.

Although it was a quick project, she said she was happy to help other small businesses like her.

While Grinfeld recently moved to East Gwillimbury, she said she still loves Newmarket and works with many clients in Newmarket. As the company grows and evolves, she hopes to bring in more local people to work with her.

“We are focused on bringing in more local talent to advance our business mission, while fostering community growth and opportunities for collaboration,” she said.

As for what’s next, Grinfeld said she never stops thinking of new ideas.

“I feel like I go through my life with at least two to three business ideas a day. I have an idea book and I write them down,” she said.

On a personal level, she said she also wanted to get into teaching more and help show other entrepreneurs how to be successful.


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