People draw THON 2022 “Spark Endless Light” logo from memory


It’s 6 a.m. and things are getting weird at the Bryce Jordan Center. Only the devoted remain…

The THON 2022 “Spark Endless Light” logo depicts two children watching a firework explode. Although it’s a seemingly simple design, we saw the fear in the eyes of the Penn Staters when we asked them to draw it from memory.

Students don’t use pen and paper these days, so we fired up the iPad and proceeded to take a few laps around the hall to see if there were any Picassos among us.

This gives “¯_(ツ)_/¯”.

The yellow highlighter is a nice change of pace from the classic yellow-orange marker that everyone has picked out.

It looks more like a spider than fireworks. Besides, the children have disappeared!

Technically, this THON logo is perfect. However, it doesn’t quite sound like this year’s theme, “Spark Endless Light.”

The THON 2022 logo is actually a head of iceberg lettuce.

Looks like this guy confused the fireworks with the sun. Or a hurricane. We’re going to pretend this couple is watching the sunrise, though. Very cute.

Green was an interesting choice, and we love it! The Ms. THON logo actually has a double chin, but the hand hold is so sweet.

A+ for effort. Looks like they are parachuting. Plus the guy on the right is so circular.

This is the most beautiful sand dollar I have ever seen.

The craziest part? Someone else also drew a sand dollar. Weird.

The stick figure on the right is definitely listening to “Soulja Boy in that hoe. Watch me throw it, watch me roll. The heart is a sweet touch.

The ring firework memo is missing, but it’s okay! Just two guys enjoying half a fireworks display.

This one reminds us of the I

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