Pete Davidson and Colin Jost talk about buying a ferry on ‘SNL’


“Saturday Night Live” co-stars Pete Davidson and Colin Jost delivered a boatload of jokes about their newly purchased Staten Island ferry on the latest episode of “Weekend Update.”

On Friday, The Associated Press reported that Jost and Davidson spent $280,100 on a disused Staten Island ferry, which they intended to turn into an entertainment venue. The “Weekend Update” writers wasted no time pulling their nautical plans for material.

During Saturday’s episode, hosted by Will Forte with musical guest Måneskin, actor Alex Moffat appeared on “Weekend Update” as “a guy who just bought a boat” – which quickly transformed into “three guys who just bought a boat” once Jost and Davidson were outed for his recent purchase.

“Is there anything different around here?” Moffat asked “Weekend Update” co-anchor Jost.

“I get some sort of message, like a flipper from another skipper. Yeah, my very white Spidey sense is tingling. Someone bought a boat! … Latest news: My boy Coy Joy [Jost] and boy toy ‘SNL’ [Davidson] say ahoy hoy to a toy water toy.

Despite Jost’s chagrined protests, a shameless Davidson then joined the party to confirm that he and his teammate had indeed invested in a ferry, “the windowless van of the sea”.

“It’s very exciting,” added Jost deadpan. “We thought about everything.”

“Even the mayor tweeted about itDavidson said, “That’s how I found out we had a new mayor?

Davidson and Jost, both born and raised in New York’s Staten Island borough, won a bidding war for the former commuter ship with the help of real estate investor and club owner Paul Italia. of comedy. Earlier this week, Italia told AP that the renovation of the ferry was in its early stages and would likely cost millions of dollars.

“We bought it with this Pauly Italia guy, which is the name of a real person and not a mafia-themed wrestler,” Davidson joked. “We are now boat people, Colin! I mean, you always have been. Looks like you own the yacht they rent for rap videos.

“However, we are struggling to find a place to dock,” added Jost.

The Staten Island Ferry purchase is just the latest headline-grabbing moment for Davidson, who has earned quite a reputation as a ladies’ man by hanging out with a stream of high-profile celebrities, including the pop superstar Ariana Grande, “Bridgerton” actor Phoebe Dynevor and currently entertainment mogul Kim Kardashian.

After news of Davidson and Jost’s ferry acquisition surfaced, many immediately shed light on social media on the future hot spot – which sounds like something Bill Hader’s Stefon would have re-hit back in the day . (During Hader’s “SNL” tenure, Stefon was a popular “Weekend Update” character who gave ominous recommendations for bizarre New York attractions.)

“Have you heard of the hottest club in town?” one person tweeted, Stefan style. “It’s called ‘Tetanus’ and it’s located in the rusty underbelly of a disused Staten Island ferry. You’ll dance the night away while still moments away from drowning.

“The hottest club in New York is FERRY”, tweeted another. “Built from a decommissioned Titanic replica, this Staten Island garbage barge has it all: twinks, minks, MY SON and the original pizza rat, now featuring used needlepoint tattoos – a Manhattan design at a Jersey price.”


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