Playboy’s new Big Bunny private jet takes flight


If you’re smart enough – and talented – and lucky enough – to be a top influencer in your field – you just might be one of the 13 special people invited on Playboy’s new reimagined Big Bunny Jet. That’s right, the famous jet of the 70s is taking off again, in a new and totally creative way. The rebirth of the original Big Bunny airplane, one of Playboy’s most famous symbols of the 1970s, represents a reimagining of the jet-set lifestyle. The new Global Express serves as a vehicle (literally) for global creators – artists, influencers, thought leaders and icons – who today represent freedom of expression, style, pleasure, comfort and sophistication. And that could possibly mean you!

The debut of Playboy’s new custom airliner will be followed by a lifestyle brand Big Bunny offering clothing and accessories inspired by the airplane and the lifestyle it represents.

Formerly known as “Mansion in the Sky,” the original 1970s Big Bunny, a custom expandable version of the DC-9 airliner, played host to some of the era’s biggest stars, including Cher, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, LeRoy Neiman, Barbi Benton and more. Originally used to ferry passengers between Chicago and Los Angeles for the recordings of Playboy After Dark, the plane has grown into a luxury flagship with a nightclub, a state-of-the-art theater system, a fully stocked bar, and a kitchen. gastronomic. Much like the new Big Bunny airliner, the original aircraft featured a sleek all-black exterior with the Playboy Rabbit Head logo engraved on the rear wing and the same registration number, N950PB. It was retired in 1975.

A redesign of one of the most recognized aircraft to ever grace the skies, the all-new Big Bunny will continue the legacy of its predecessor as the flagship of a bigger Playboy brand than ever before. Providing unprecedented experiences has been a part of Playboy’s legacy since the magazine’s inception in 1953. The new Global Express jet will follow in the footsteps of the original aircraft, bringing together some of the most influential artists, cultural icons and celebrities to world for once in one – lifetime dinners in heaven. More importantly, the new edition of Big Bunny will serve as a platform for Playboy to collaborate with creators and celebrities shaping the culture to spark the appeal of the eponymous lifestyle brand.

As this beautifully redesigned new Big Bunny takes off, it ushers in a new, more inclusive era of sophisticated jet-setters and cultural drivers, and serves as a beacon of fun, luxury, style and play. the centerpiece of the BigBunny lifestyle brand he represents, which includes a range of airplane-inspired clothing and accessories. The accompanying Playboy BigBunny collection is designed for a new wave of travel enthusiasts and will include down jackets, cashmere blankets, silk loungewear, leather outfits and more, all coming soon to and in the coming weeks.

Much like the original aircraft, the new Big Bunny has a solid black exterior. Those on the ground can’t miss the iconic PLAYBOY masthead featuring the belly under the airliner. Guests inside the plane will be delighted at every turn as they will encounter exceptional design cues at every turn, including bespoke furniture, porcelain, barware, interior accessories and more. Again.

The interior design was inspired by elements of the original Big Bunny throw and includes custom dyed cognac crocodile embossed leather wall coverings, two different emerald natural stone worktops, custom designed herringbone carpet throughout the ship, custom-dyed sheepskin and luxury leather pilots’ seats, a world-class cinema system designed by SkyTheater and rotating artwork from the Playboy Archives. Subtle details bring together the luxurious surroundings of the aircraft and are reflected in the accompanying BigBunny collection. Passengers will enjoy custom two-tone 70s-inspired upholstered seats with the Playboy Rabbit Head logo embroidered in matching thread above the camel leather armrests in the forward cabin, two dark green mohair upholstered sofas that provide a ‘look and feel »Private for the aft cabin, and BigBunny branded jacquard cashmere blankets featuring the famous tail number N950PB. Big Bunny provides a world-class luxury travel experience for everyone on board. If the urge to dance takes over, just like its predecessor, the plane quickly transforms into a nightclub with multi-colored in-cabin nightclub lights and Bluetooth capabilities so passengers can listen to their favorite music through the entertainment system. from the plane.

When it comes to food and drink, Big Bunny passengers will sip Playboy’s own Rare Hare spirits in a one-of-a-kind secret pop-up bar that emerges, in a sweatshop style, from the credenza to the middle of the cabin. They will also enjoy a high-end dining experience during the flight, including bespoke tableware including hand-blown hand-blown glassware by Asp & Hand, personalized Polish porcelain with gold edge with the Playboy Rabbit Head logo. and embroidered N950PB towels.

In an exclusive interview for, I spoke with Anna Ondaatje, Playboy’s vice president of global branding and franchise, and we “jumped” on a phone call.

When is the Big Bunny airliner launched?

The first flight is still a secret, but we have really planned something exciting and unusual. I can’t name names but I can give you the concept – the idea is to create a unique dinner in the sky. Including some people who originally flew the jet (in the 70s) – we even talk to one of our iconic Playmates. Everything will be revealed at the end of November.

Where will he operate from?

Los Angeles. Outside Van Nuys Airport.

Where will the plane go?

It is a world express so it can go transatlantic.

How much will it cost to travel on it?

It will be by invitation only and we want it to be open to icons and creatives, big and small. See it as a collaborative platform for people from different backgrounds to bring together icons, creative influencers and celebrities – intellectuals, thought leaders, artists, musicians and interesting personalities, athletes, style icons. The people who shape today’s culture.

How much did Big Bunny cost to build?

I cannot comment on this.

Who will take care of the dinners?

Different collaborations with chefs and locals and chefs from LA. Custom porcelain with special art or wardrobe from different crew uniforms. The art on the plane is changing, and this idea that it is an adaptable space. The design of the plane is very adaptable – it turns into a nightclub with a sweatshop.

What are some of the Playboy brand activities on board that will be included?

Dance and Playboy playing cards, special backgammon boards, maybe even Twister. Music in the sky with dancing and relaxation. We will have a fully stocked bar with our Playboy Rare Hare spirits and Big Bunny cocktails, such as the “Hare of the Dog” and the Mile-High Martini.

Will there be beds on board?

A space in the back converts to a travel cot as needed for longer flights. There is an aft cabin with couches that can convert into beds for night flights. They are incredibly comfortable. We limited it to 13 people to keep the experience special. Plus two pilots and one or two crew members.

Why is Playboy Enterprises doing this?

The “big picture” answer is that hospitality, parties, and creating unique experiences are part of the Playboy heritage. The idea of ​​creating unique experiences is how to build relationships with brands today. It allows us to have content creators who engage with the brand today – that’s valuable to us as a brand. We wanted to create live experiences. Big Bunny is an exciting part of our brand’s heritage. We wanted to do it in a fresh and interesting way that people would want to participate in. Ultimately, it’s a flying billboard for our new BigBunny brand and it’s all about fashion, travel, and lifestyle products. It represents travel in sophisticated style without sacrificing comfort – for today’s jet set. The plane is a springboard for an entire company.

So, dear readers, jump into your A-game as an influencer and you might just get a special invitation!

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