Rare stones illuminate the Graffabulous high jewelry collection by Graff


For more than half a century, Graff has been synonymous with the finest and most extraordinary gemstones. Today, for the first time, the British jeweler presents the very heart of its heritage with an unprecedented presentation of the rarest stones in its new high jewelry collection, Graffabulous.

A fitting tribute to the nature and majesty of its diamonds and precious stones, the collection of over 80 unique pieces sees the use of an astonishing total of 3,600 carats of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. This makes Graffabulous one of the largest gemstone assemblages ever presented in a single fine jewelry range.

Showcasing some of the most daring pieces ever created by the house, Graff’s passion for the exceptional manifests itself in the most sublime of selected gemstones. Obtained and accumulated by Graff’s gemologists over many years, they are skilfully combined in flamboyant displays of bravery. From a perfect 38-carat D Flawless ExEx Type IIa cushion-cut white diamond to a rare 109-carat unheated Sri Lankan sapphire, each creation is dictated by gemstones and their seductive power. Also highlighted are 25 impressive rings with contrasting diamond cuts that testify to the excellence of Graff’s craftsmanship.

Graffabulous fine jewelry ring in white gold and platinum with an emerald-cut diamond of 20.39 carats and white diamonds

Having exquisite gemstones at the design studio‘s disposal allowed him to reveal the house’s true prowess in fine jewelry, pushing the boundaries of Graff craftsmanship like never before. It took many hours of expert gem cutters and polishers to bring each beautiful gemstone to life. The result: precision-cut diamonds and gemstones forged into unique designs that exhibit a level of intricacy never seen before.

The 20 beautiful necklaces in the collection benefit from a meticulous construction that ensures a harmonious passage from one gem to another, like the rhythm of a song. Connoisseurs who loved Graff’s previous high jewelry Tribal collection can also expect to see an expansion of the line’s contemporary designs. To achieve this, the technical skills of the in-house artisans were put to the test as the diamonds had to be custom cut into innovative shapes to achieve the creative gemstone arrangements.

An artisan assembling the white gold and platinum Graffabulous Sun+Moon necklace with fancy yellow and white diamonds

A fine example is the remarkable Sun+Moon necklace, one of the centerpieces of Graffabulous, with an impressive 122.71 carats of fancy pear-shaped yellow diamonds and white diamonds of a captivating uniform color and vibration. . Constructed using sophisticated computer-aided design technology, its intricately concealed architecture includes hundreds of different elements.

Since each yellow diamond is unique in its cut, a yellow gold necklace has been designed for each stone. A setter then positioned each diamond in its bespoke setting, creating measured lines of light and a rhythmic flow of color to guide the eye to the central crescent-shaped motif accented by calibrated cut stones, round diamonds and a 10.08 carat diamond. oval yellow diamond set in the center. This arrangement is what gives the piece its three-dimensionality and textural complexity.

The six-part Graffabulous campaign begins with The Legend of the Mermaids, which portrays models Qun Ye, Grace Elizabeth and Aya Jones as mermaids of the sea in sensational white and yellow diamond pieces from the new high jewelry collection.

Anne-Eva Geffroy, design director of the house, describes the piece as a real symphony of jewels: “As designers, we listen to the songs that the stones sing, focusing on the music and the rhythm. Like the ripples that emanate when a stone falls in water, the tempo increases as the size of the jewels increases until it reaches a crescendo: a central motif where all the strength of these natural gemstones is concentrated. .

Of course, a collection as exceptional as this calls for an extraordinary campaign. Comprising six chapters – each inspired by powerful women from ancient mythology, the story of Graffabulous opens with The Legend of the Mermaids. The storytelling is guided by the divine beauty of the natural diamonds and gemstones adorning the models, who are portrayed as contemporary Graff goddesses of unparalleled beauty and strength.

Shot by up-and-coming French photographer Carlijn Jacobs, the campaign features high-profile models – Vogue cover girl and new house muse Grace Elizabeth, Aya Jones and Qun Ye. This is the first time that three models have been presented in the same Graff campaign.

(All images: Graff)

This story first appeared in the June 2022 issue of Prestige Singapore.


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