SAIC Roewe Launches Development Routes for New Technologies, Designs and Models


Shanghai (Gasgou) – SAIC Roewe released its New Technology, New Design, and New Model Development Routes on November 20.

The car brand, which has paid much more attention to technology in recent years, has numerous independent intellectual property rights in the BEV (battery electric vehicle), PHEV (rechargeable hybrid electric vehicle) and FCEV (battery electric vehicle) segments. fuel). Based on NetGreen’s technology strategy published in 2015, it has gradually implemented a complete system and developed advanced technologies for the NEV segment. The brand applied them to its new energy products such as the Roewe ERX5, Ei5, Ei6 and MARVEL X, creating a better NEV portfolio.

The SAIC brand has also made public innovative second generation smart technologies relevant to PHEV. One of them is Intelligent Electric Drive Unit (EDU), which adopts DHT (Dedicated Hybrid Transmission) double input shaft. The transmission efficiency can reach up to 94%. Another strong point lies in its IEM (Intelligent Energy Management) system, integrating 18 types of mix such as driving modes, energy recovery and energy management. The aforementioned technologies are combined to provide drivers with smoother and more energy efficient handling. The Roewe RX5 eMAX, unveiled at Auto Gunaghou 2019, will be equipped with new technologies.

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In addition, Integrated Intelligence, a whole new concept of intelligent electric vehicle design introduced by Roewe, involves integration, essence and vitality. The brand’s new Ei6 light is expected to be designed in accordance with the new one.

Roewe proposed a new NetGreen model in mobility services for consumers, as an in-depth test drive. It has also developed new modes of social interaction and sharing to improve the capacity and quality of service of dealers. (photo source: Roewe).


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