Scott Underwood Column: New Website Design, Same Commitment to News | Opinion


Most of you have probably noticed that has a new design.

The website format has been cleaned up to achieve a classic newspaper feel. It’s less flashy and easier to navigate, emphasizing titles over graphics.

Although readers may take some time to adjust to a new design, I believe you will find this format user-friendly and intuitive.

Every time a website restart is launched, there will be wrinkles to iron out. A sports story, for example, may inadvertently appear under a news headline.

We had relatively few such issues with the new, and were able to resolve them quickly as they arose.

If you observe any issues or have difficulty using the new website on desktop, mobile, or through our app, please contact me or digital editor Bob Blake ([email protected], 765-640-4805), and see what we can do to help you immediately.

Herald Bulletin subscribers automatically receive access to all three platforms, in addition to the electronic edition replica of our print issues. If you need help activating your digital access, call 765-640-4848 for customer service.

Although, which attracts over a million monthly page views, has had a facelift, our commitment to providing you with the latest and greatest and most interesting local, regional, national and international news remains unchanged. The classic feel of the digital redesign reflects this commitment.


You can continue to engage with The Herald Bulletin to follow local news and all of our content by following our Facebook page and Twitter account. Both platforms provide links to news articles, photos, videos and other content on our website while providing you with the opportunity to comment and interact with our journalists and other readers.

Each of our reporters has a Twitter account. It’s a great platform for short, casual conversations with readers and for last-minute updates.

When a SWAT team surrounded an Anderson home last week, senior reporter Ken de la Bastide was on hand, using Twitter to report developments and details as they emerged. Ken has tweeted a dozen times, keeping readers informed and including photos and videos for a preview of the scene.

Meanwhile, Bob, copy editor Judy Wolf and editor Jim Meyer worked with Ken to freshen up the story on our website while preparing it for publication in the print edition of the Herald Bulletin the following morning.

Our team of journalists also used email and SMS news alerts to summarize developments and provide links to website content.

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While you’re at it, to receive free daily weather forecasts or news alerts to your cell phone via SMS, use the navigation column to click “SMS Alerts”.

If you have any problems finding these links or signing up for free email or SMS services – or if you have general questions about our digital content – please don’t hesitate to contact Bob or me.


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